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TVofyourlife.com Favorite TV Episodes Of The 1960's





Favorite Episodes of 1960


Andy Griffith Show
Ellie Comes To Town

A new druggist comes to town and she is not used to how things operate in a small town.


Bachelor Father
Bentley & The Travel Agent

Bentley visits a new travel agency in town and falls for the owner's beautiful daughter.

Death At Dawn

A gang of criminals show up in Virginia City and kill a man and kidnap Ben Cartwright as they try to make the townspeople pay for protection.


Dennis The Menace
Dennis & The TV Set

Mr. Wilson gets a new remote control set and Dennis borrows his friends remote control from his toy and changes Mr. Wilson's channel on his TV.


Donna Reed Show
Perfect Pitch

Since Jeff has perfect pitch Donna insists he learn to play the trumpet.  Jeff really sucks at it so when a professional comes to to the house he tells Donna not to force him to play it. 


Leave It To Beaver
Ward's Baseball

Ward has a cherished autographed baseball in his den.  Larry tells Beaver they should play catch with it.  A big truck comes by and runs over the ball so Beaver & Larry get a new ball and they autograph it.  When Ward shows it to Fred he thinks its a big joke.



Make Room For Daddy
Rusty & The Tomboy

Rusty is told to take this tomboyish girl to the school dance, it turns out she is actually a pretty young lady.



Many Loves Of Dobie Gillis
Competition Is the Life Of Trade

The father of Dobie's new girlfriend is opening up a competing market so Herbert Gillis goes under a different name to spy on the new store.



Twilight Zone
A Stop At Willoughby

As a man rides home on a train he falls asleep and dreams of a peaceful town called Willoughby.  He has dreams a number of times and decides the next time he is getting off there.  Well he gets off but its not Willoughby, he jumps from the train the funeral home that comes to get him is called Willoughby Funeral Home.



What's My Line
Episode  508

Jack Lemmon is the mystery guest on this episode of What 's My Line. 






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