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TVofyourlife.com Favorite TV Episodes Of The 1960's





Favorite Episodes of 1961


Ben Casey
A Few Brief Lines for Dave

Dr. Casey diagnosis a hospital researcher as a "hospital bum".


Cain's Hundred
The Penitent

A mob boss discovers his son and died from drug overdose and says he will turn over a new leaf but Cain isn't buying it and continues to investigate the guy.


Dennis The Menace
50 Thousandth Customer

Mr. Wilson is trying to be the winner of a contest at the local drug store.


Donna Reed Show
Tony Martin Visits

Donna meets Tony Martin in traffic court when both get traffic tickets.  
Donna tells Tony he sang at their wedding.  Tony, Donna & the judge get a lesson on devices working properly.



Leave It To Beaver
In The Soup

Beaver & whitey go downtown to check out a new billboard for a new soup.  The billboard has steam coming out of it and Beaver climbs the billboard to see if there actually is soup in the billboard.  When Beaver falls in they call the Fire Department to get him out.


Many Loves Of Dobie Gillis
Bitter Feud Of Dobie & Maynard

Maynard feels he is a bad influence on Dobie so he tries to do things that will make Dobie stop being his friend.


One Step Beyond
The Gift

A crooked fortune teller has a vision of her own son committing a murder.



Route 66
Mon Petit Chou

An episode filmed in Pittsburgh Pa. Buz & Tod meet a french singer & her manager.



Stagecoach West
The Remounts

Luke & Simon are forced to help horse thieves in order to get their kidnapped friend back.



Twilight Zone
Will The Real Martian Please Stand Up

A bus load of people are in a restaurant when something crashes, it looks like a spaceship and something from that ship went into the restaurant. Now there is one extra person in the restaurant, the bus crashes and everyone is killed when the Martian comes back he doesn't realize that the restaurant owner is from Venus.






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