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TVofyourlife.com Favorite TV Episodes Of The 1960's





Favorite Episodes of 1962


Andy Griffith Show
Convicts At Large

Barney & Floyd are captured by three female convicts after their car runs out of gas.


Ben Casey
The Night That Nothing Happened

A lady who is about to give birth gets into an auto accident on the way to the hospital.


Car 54 Where Are You
No More Pickpockets

Wally Cox appears as a pickpocket who steals police officers wallets and takes the identity of the officers. Finally he gets busted with the help of Toody & Muldoon.


Hawaiian Eye
Broken Threat

A lady who has a lover on the side is killed in the auto accident.


Jack Benny Show
Julie London Show

The beautiful Julie London appears and serenades Jack. Jack also plays a full song on his violin.


Barefoot Kid

Jess gets his horse stolen by a young boy who gets sentenced to death for the crime.


Leave It To Beaver
Beaver's Autobiography

Beaver has a new girlfriend write his autobiography. Beaver unaware the girl is mad at him writes a paper that is really embarrassing.


Lucy Show
Lucy Puts Up A TV Antenna

Lucy is too cheap to have her TV repairmen to install her TV antenna so she & Viv try to install it themselves and they have to be rescued by the fire department.


My Three Sons

Steve's car breaks down and knocks on a door to call for help, while he is there he meets a family that is just like his except it all girls.


Twilight Zone
Person Or Person Unknown

Dave Gurney wakes up to find out no one knows him. While he is trying to prove who he is he finds a picture of his family, when he shows it to his wife she disappears.






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