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TVofyourlife.com Favorite TV Episodes Of The 1960's





Favorite Episodes of 1963

Beverly Hillbillies
The Clampetts & The Dodgers

Don Drysdale & Leo Doroucher are guest stars in this episode when Jed & Jethro play golf with the Dodgers and Leo Doroucher finds out Jed & Jethro are good baseball prospects.


Burke's Law
Who Killed The Kind Doctor

A psychiatrist calls Captain Burke concerned that someone is going to kill him, before Burke can meet with him he is killed. Now its up to Burke to find out who committed the crime.


Donna Reed Show
Big Wheel

Jeff buys an old school bus and Jeff can't get it to run. Mary wants to have a party but the bus is in the way so Donna decides to decorate the bus and the kids have the party in the bus.


Jack Benny Show
G.S. Joanie Sommers & Peter Lorre

Peter Lorre appears in a skit where he goes to a doctor and wants plastic surgery. When he comes out he looks just like Jack Benny


Leave It To Beaver
Wally's Practical Joke

Wally & Eddie tie a chain to Lumpy Rutherford's axel and it ruins his car. While Wally & Eddie are fixing the car Fred Rutherford discovers Lumpy has been causing trouble and desrved it.


Lucy Show
Lucy & Viv Put In A Shower

Lucy gives the plumber her friend hired a bad time so he quits. Lucy & Viv then try to install the shower with disastarous results.


McHale's Navy
Nippon Nancy Calling

A Japanesse radio announcer makes a broadcast about Captain Binghamton with information only someone close to him would know so McHale and his crew are blamed for being traitors.


Outer Limits
Galaxy Being

A radio station engineer makes contact with a galaxy being but when a disc jockey raised the transmitter power the being is transported to earth and causes many problems.


Petticoat Junction
Please Buy My Violets

Uncle Joe starts another get rich quick scheme trying to sell a violet perfume. The perfume actually works better as a bug spray.


Twilight Zone
Nightmare At 20,000 Feet

William Shatner is a guest star on this episode where he sees a monster outside the airplane he is on. He is the only one who sees this, when they take him off the plane on a stretcher you can see that one of the wings was tampered with.







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