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TVofyourlife.com Favorite TV Episodes Of The 1960's





Favorite Episodes of 1964


Burke's Law
Who Killed The Eleven Best Dressed Women In The World

A notorious homewrecker turns up dead and there are many people who had a motive to kill the guy. Captain Burke puts himself in danger to get to the bottom of this case.


East Side West Side
The $5.98 Dress

Welfare recipients are having problems with losing their welfare if they take a part time job.


Ed Sullivan Show
G.S. The Beatles (First Appearance)

The Beatles make their first appearance on the Ed Sullivan Show.


Angels Travel On Lonely Roads

Kimble helps a nun fix her car on her way to Sacremento where she is planning on leaving the convent.


Moon Killer

The Moon Killer is on the loose and Grindl is by herself.


McHale's Navy
Alias PT 73

McHale's crew take the PT 73 to help some natives rebuild their village after it was damaged by an air raid.


Outer Limits

A queen bee becomes human and starts killing people working for a scientist including the scientists wife.


Richard Boone Show
Death Before Dishonor

A crazy lady shows up at a ladies house and tells her she is in danger so the lady lets her in. The crazy lady won't let the lady leave, finally the boyfriend of the lady and the lady's husband show up and call the police.


Suspense Theater
Charlie He Couldn't Kill A Fly

A man charged with a murder he didn't do confesses anyway.


Twilight Zone
You Drive

After being involved in a hit and run accident a guys car becomes his conscience and drives him to the police station.







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