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TVofyourlife.com Favorite TV Episodes Of The 1960's





Favorite Episodes of 1965


Ben Casey
Pas De Deux

Casey helps a Russian Ballerina defect to the U.S.


Driving Is The Only Way To Fly

Paul Lynde is guest star who tries to teach Samantha to drive but he starts going crazy when he hears Endora speaking to him.


Burke's Law
Who Killed Wimbeltown Hastings

A tennis star has a tennis ball loaded with explosives kills a person.


Problem Of An Honorable Wife

A warehouse with supplies for Vietnam is the target for terrorists who are attempting to blow it up. The wife of one of the terrorists help the F.B.I. stop the explosion.


Daddy Come Home

Gidget becomes worried when her father does not come home at a reasonable hour so she calls the police. Her father is actually on a date and is not happy when the police tell him is mother is looking for him.


Patty Duke Show
Operation Tonsils

Patty gets a major crush on the doctor who is going to take her tonsils out. Patty tells her friends that her and the doctor are becoming an item, the doctor plays along when her freinds visit her.


Perry Mason
Case Of The Careless Kitten

A man believed to be dead for 10 years contacts his neice on how to meet him. Someone then tries to kill the neice's boyfriend and poison the guys wife.


Petticoat Junction
Hooterville Hurricane

Uncle promotes a young boxer and he ends up beating a local champ where there is a $300 prize. The only problem was Uncle Joe never had a license to sanction the event and gets fined.


Please Don't Eat The Daisies
It's A Lad by The Nose

Joel is allergic to the dog so Lad gets many baths in the following week. It turns out it wasn't the dog after all.


Slattery's People
Question: When Do We Hang The Good Samaritan

Dr. Roy Kirk is sued when he gave a fireman medicine he was allergic to. Slattey tries to get him off but Dr. Kirk took off the fireman's medical bracelet.









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