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TVofyourlife.com Favorite TV Episodes Of The 1960's





Favorite Episodes of 1966


Family Affair
Think Deep

Cissy has a new favorite teacher so she invites him to dinner at the Davis household. When Jody & Buffy act up he freaks out. Robert Reed of the Brady Bunch is superb in this episode.


Death Is The Door Prize

Kimble is at an Electronics show and gets in trouble when he is accused of stealing a purse. A beautiful sales rep is thankful that Kimble returns her purse and she lets him hide out in her room.


Green Hornet
The Ray Is For The Killing

The Green Hornet & Kato are really challenged when crooks start using a Ray Gun.


Lost In Space
The Keeper

An alien known as The Keeper shows up with the intent on adding the children to his collection for his zoo. The Keeper had a big device that rendered a person helpless. Major West used his sling shot to break the device and save the children.


Occasional Wife
That's How They Got Capone

Its tax time and Mr. Brahms feels the entire staff fill out their taxes and turn them in at one time. This is a big problem for Peter & Greta who are not actually married. After sending in the return they end up at the local tax office to try to get the return back. They meet with the I.R.S. employee who gives them their return back, the employee then tells them thats how they got Capone, with his tax return.


Perry Mason
Case Of The Crafty Kidnapper

A gossip columnist is shot to death, when a guy is charged for the murder another person can give him an alibi, his only problem is his child has been kidnapped.


Please Don't Eat The Daisies
Magnificent Muldoon

The boys meet a hobo that sings in the streets for money. The next week the boys try it for themselves until their parents catch wind of it. They eventually invite the hobo to come to their house for dinner. Burgess Merideth is guest star.


Pruitts Of Southhampton
Phyllis Goes Broke

The Pruitts are notified they owe the I.R.S. $10 Million Dollars so Uncle Ned Pruitt tries to get Phyllis to marry a rich General.


Run For Your Life
Hoodlums On Wheels

Paul Bryan and others are taken hostages who have killed a number of people.


Time Tunnel
Secret Weapon

Tony & Doug investigate a scientist in 1956 who also invented a time travel machine.






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