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TVofyourlife.com Favorite TV Episodes Of The 1960's





Favorite Episodes of 1967



American Bandstand
G.S. The Who


This year end episode features many of the hits of 1967 including an video or film as they called it in 1967 of I Can See For Miles by The Who.

Candid Camera
Music To Watch Girls By
February 1967


The Four Seasons appear as themselves and perform their current hit Beggin while high school students watch them from outside the studio. When they break and come into the same room with the students the Candid Camera crew sees how the students react. The second part of the show is called "Music To Watch Girls By". This segment has junior high school boys eyeing up female classmates dancing. This is probably the best footage of young girls dancing from the 1960's.

Dark Shadows
Early Barnabas Collins Episode


Dr. Julia Hoffman discovers the secret that Barnabas Collins is actually a vampire.

Dating Game
Farrah Fawcett Episode
Fall of 1967


A young Farrah Fawcett appears in the second game of the Dating Game where an actual staged fist fight happens and some of the props get knocked over.

Good Morning World
Man Who Came To Din Din


Mr. Hutton comes to Dave's house for dinner and throws his back out. The doctor comes and says he must stay the night on their couch.

Green Acres
Music To Milk By


Ebb is trying to win a radio station contest when Elenore eats his radio.

Skid Marks On A Dry Run


Mannix is hired to investigate a polictican who is running for governor. Mannix soon finds out the candidate is connected to the syndicate and people start turning up dead.

My Three Sons
Ernie The Bluebeard


Ernie ends up with two dates to a school dance. Ernie gets into real trouble when the girls fathers show up at the house. Big brother Chip ends up taking one of the girls. A young & beautiful Maureen McCormick is a guest star in this episode.

Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour

G.S. The Who


This is the famous episode where The who appears and destroys their musical instruments.

Star Trek
Doomsday Machine


When the Enterprise gets a distress call they encounter an ancient doomsday weapon that has already destroyed a number of planets.






TVofyourlife.com Favorite Shows of 1962


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It's A Man's World Laramie Mr. Ed Ripcord
Stoney Burke Stump The Stars To Tell The Truth Untouchables



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