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TVofyourlife.com Favorite TV Episodes Of The 1960's





Favorite Episodes of 1968



Adam 12
Impossible Mission

Its the first day on the job for Officer Reed, at first he and Malloy don't hit it off but Malloy figures he better stay on just to help the new police officer.


American Bandstand
10th Anniversary Show

Its the 10th Anniversary for American Bandstand, this episode features old clips of previously aired Bandstand shows. The American Breed are the guest stars and perform Bend Me Shape Me.


Family Affair
Christmas Came A Little Early This Year

A friend of Buffy's has a terminal illness and the Davis family have Christmas for her before she dies.


Green Acres
Eb's Romance

Eb plans to marry a girl he just met, trying to impress her father Eb ends up destroying the father's crop. Eb then gives the girls father Mr. Douglas cow Eleanor.


I Dream Of Jeannie
Strongest Man In The World

Jeannie gives Tony super strength so he is entered in an Air Force Boxing Match. Tony gets pummeled until Jeannie can blink a great punch and Tony wins. Boxer Jerry Quarry is guest star.


Judd For The Defense
Worst Of Both Worlds

A teenage boy gets in trouble when he has an affair with the wife of the the guy he is working for. He gets into a car accident and the juvenile court system sentences him to 2 years in custody. Clinton Judge is contacted and gets the kid off.


Paint Your Waggadorn

Corey Baker is accused of making graffiti in the lobby of the apartment complex. It turns out to be a little girl in another apartment. Susan Olsen of the Brady Bunch is guest star.


Mother's In Law
How Not To Manage A Rock Group

Jerry stars to manage a rock group and asks the families for financial support, when the family gets involved they want the group to get haircuts and wear dinner jackets, when the group refuses the family ends up using the studio time and make a nostalgic record and start performing with a marching band. The rock group The Seeds appear as guest stars.


Rowan & Martin's Laugh In
G.S. Kaye Ballard

Kaye Ballard is the guest star and appears in a funny skit where she falls out a window.


That Girl
A Muggy Day In Central Park

Donald dresses up as a lady to help the police catch a mugger in Central Park.







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