January 12, 1966 - March 14, 1968

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Batman was the big talk of 1966 on Television.  Abc TV aired this series twice per week as each episode had a cliffhanger that concluded the following night.

Adam West played Batman who was millionaire Bruce Wayne in the town of Gotham City.

When an arch criminal showed up Commissioner Gordon called the Bat Phone and summoned Batman & Robin for help.

The series had a good basic cast + the villain was always a well known star.

Batman took on The Joker, The Riddler, Catwoman, Mr. Freeze & others.

Only Alfred the butler knew the real identity of Batman & Robin.

In later episodes Commissioner Gordon's daughter Barbara played by the very sexy Yvonne Craig was seen as Batgirl.

Cast Favorite Episodes Guest Stars

Adam West
Burt Ward
Stafford Repp
Madge Blake
Neil Hamilton
Alan Napier
Yvonne Craig

1.   The Joker Goes To School
2.   Better Luck Next Time
3.   Instant Freeze
4.   Catwoman Goes To College
5.   Enter Batgirl Exit Penguin
6.   Death In Slow Motion
7.   Purr-Fect Crime
8.   Bookworm Turns
9.   True Or False Face
10. That Darn Catwoman

Caesar Romero
Frank Gorshin
Julie Newmar
Otto Preminger
Victor Buono
Burgess Merideth
Vincent Price
Lee Meriweather
Carolyn Jones


Episodes Known To Be In Existence

Hi Diddle Riddle  1/12/66  (Riddler)

Smack In The Middle   1/13/66  (Riddler)

Fine Feathered Finks  1/19/66   (Penguin)

Penguins A Jinx   1/20/66   (Penguin)

Joker Is Wild  1/26/66   (Joker)

Batman Is Riled   1/27/66    (Joker)

Instant Freeze   2/2/66   (Mr. Freeze)

Rats Like Cheese   2/3/66   (Mr. Freeze)

A Riddle A Day Keeps The Riddler Away  2/16/66   (Riddler)

When The Rat's Away The Mice Will Play    2/17/66   (Riddler)

Thirteenth Hat   2/23/66   (Mad Hatter)

Batman Stands Pat   2/24/66   (Mad Hatter)

Joker Goes To School    3/2/66   (Joker)

He Meets His Match The Grizzly Ghoul    3/3/66   (Joker)

Holy Rat Race   3/10/66    (False Face)

Purr-Fect Crime    3/16/66    (Catwoman)

Better Luck Next Time   3/17/66   (Catwoman)

Penguin Goes Straight   3/23/66    (Penguin)

Not Yet He Ain't   3/24/66   (Penguin)

Ring Of Wax   3/30/66   (Riddler)

Give Em the Ax   3/31/66    (Riddler)

Curse Of Tut   4/13/66   (King Tut)

Pharaoh's In A Rut   4/14/66   (King Tut)

While Gotham City Burns   4/21/66   (Bookworm)

Death In Slow Motion   4/27/66    (Riddler)

Riddler's False Notion   4/28/66   (Riddler)

Fine Finny Fiends   5/4/66   (Penguin)

Shoot a Crooked Arrow  9/7/66   (Archer)

Walk The Straight & Narrow   9/8/66   (Archer)

Hot Off The Griddle   9/14/66   (Catwoman)

Cat & The Fiddle   9/15/66   (Catwoman)

Barbecued Batman   9/22/66   (Minstrel)

Spell Of Tut   9/28/66    (King Tut)

Tut's Case Is Shut   9/29/66   (King Tut)

Ma Parker   10/6/66   (Ma Parker)

Clock King's Crazy Chimes   10/12/66)   (Clock King)

Devil's Fingers   10/26/66   (Chandell)

Dead Ringers   10/27/66   (Chandell)

Come Back Shame   11/30/66   (Shame)

Penguin's Nest   12/7/66   (Penguin)

Bird's Last Gest   12/8/66   (Penguin)

Cat's Meow   12/14/66   (Catwoman)

Bat's Kow Tow   12/15/66   (Catwoman)

Puzzles Are Coming   12/21/66   (Puzzler)

Duo Is Slumming   12/22/66   (Puzzler)

A Riddling Controversy   2/9/67   (Riddler)

Catwoman Goes To College   2/22/67   (Catwoman)

Batman Displays His Knowledge   2/23/67   (Catwoman)

A Piece Of The Action   3/1/67   (Pinky Pinkston)

Batman's Satisfaction   3/2/67    (Pinky Pinkston)

King Tut's Coup   3/8/67   (King Tut)

Batman's Waterloo   3/9/67   (King Tut)

Black Widow Strikes Again  3/15/67   (Black Widow)

Caught In The Spider's Den  3/16/67   (Black Widow)

Ice Spy   3/29/67   (Mr. Freeze)

Duo Defy   3/30/67   (Mr. Freeze)

Ring Around The Riddler   9/21/67   (Riddler)

Wail Of The Siren   9/28/67   (The Siren)

Sport Of Penguins   10/5/67   (Penguin)

A Horse Of Another Color   10/12/67   (Penguin)

Louie The Lilac   10/26/67    (Louie The Lilac)

Ogg & I   11/2/67   (Egghead)

How To Hatch A Dinosaur   11/9/67   (Egghead)

Surf's Up Joker's Under    11/16/67   (Joker)

Joker's Flying Saucer   2/29/68   (Joker)

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