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 Ben Casey
Oct. 2, 1961 - Sept. 5, 1966





Ben Casey was one of the best Medical Dramas of the 1960's.  

Vince Edwards starred as Ben Casey and the handsome actor quickly attracted the female audience.

Ben Casey was an accurate portrayal of hospital life in the 1960's and Casey was presented with tough cases and difficult situations.

In 1965 a female patient who had been in a coma for 13 years awoke and Ben Casey had a small romance with this patient.


Cast Favorite Episodes Guest Stars

Vince Edwards
Sam Jaffe
John Zaremba
Marlyn Mason
Bettye Ackerman
Harry Landers

1.   Pack Up All My Cares & Woes
2.   A Thousand Words Are Mute
3.   Rigadoom For Three Pianos
4.   Night Nothing Happened
5.   Dress My Doll Pretty
6.   Pas De Deux
7.   When You See An Evil Man
8.   Big Trouble With Charlie
9.   To The Pure
10. A Few Brief Lines For Dave

Bill Bixby
Jack Warden
Tuesday Weld
Simon Oakland
Peter Haskell
Michael Constantine
Bob Hastings
Edward Andrews
Diana Hyland
Susan Oliver


Episodes Known To Be In Existence



To The Pure   10/2/61

Sound Of Laughter   11/6/61

A Few Brief Lines For Dave   11/31/61

A Certain Time & A Certain Darkness   12/11/61

Victory Wears A Cruel Smile   2/12/62

Night That Nothing Happened   10/8/62

And Even Death Will Die   11/19/62

La Vie La Vie Interievre   4/22/63

M Enemy Is A Bright Green Shadow   4/29/63

Lullaby For Billy Digman   5/6/63

Heap Logs & Let The Blaze Laugh Out   4/8/64

Pass De Deux   1/18/65

When Givers Prove Unkind   11/22/65

Man From Quasila   11/29/65

Why Did The Day Go Backwards   12/6/65




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