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Bionic Woman
January 14, 1976 - September 2, 1978

The Bionic Woman was a spinoff of the popular 70's TV show The Six Million Dollar Man starring Lee Majors.

Jaime Somers appeared as a love interest of Steve Austin in the Six Million Dollar Man
but nothing ever became of it.

Jaime was then seriously injured in a sky diving accident and doctors reconstructed her bionically.

During this time Jaime lost her memory but she did have super strength and super hearing.

She took a job as a teacher and also helped the government on special projects.

Steve Austin & Jaime Somers were seen in a number of episodes together.

The series ran on ABC the first season and then was picked up by NBC the second season.

During the second season Jaime got a bionic dog and dealt with visitors from other planets as well as smugglers, spies & kidnappers.


Cast Favorite Episodes Guest Stars

Lindsay Wagner
Richard Anderson
Lee Majors
Christopher Stone
Martin E. Brooks


1. Kill Oscar PT. 1
2. Doomsday Is Tomorrow PT. 1
3. Fembots In Las Vegas PT. 2
4. Bionic Dog PT. 1
5. Return Of Big Foot PT. 1
6. Deadly Ringer PT. 1 .
7. Welcome Home Jaime PT. 2
8. Jaime's Mother
9. Deadly Music
10. Bionic Beauty

Don Porter
Melinda Fee
Michael Burns
Sandy Duncan
Stefanie Powers
Ted Cassidy
Barbara Rush
Henry Darrow
Barry Sullivan
Helen Hunt


Episodes Known To Be In Existence


Welcome Home Jaime PT. 1 1/11/76

Welcome Home Jaime Pt. 2 1/21/76

Angel Of Mercy 1/28/76

Claws 2/25/76

Deadly Missles 3/3/76

Bionic Beauty 3/17/76

Jaime's Mother 3/24/76

Winning Is Everything 4/7/76

Canyon Of Death 4/14/76

Fly Jaime 5/5/76

Jailing Of Jaime 5/12/76

Mirror Image 5/19/76

Assault On The Princess 10/6/76

Road To Nashville 10/20/76

Kill Oscar PT. 1 10/27/76

Black Magic 11/10/76

Sister Jaimie 11/24/76

Jaime's Shield PT. 1 12/15/76

Jaime's Shield PT. 2 12/22/76

Doomsday Is Tomorrow PT. 1 1/19/77

Doomsday Is Tomorrow PT. 2 1/26/77

Deadly Ringer PT. 1 2/2/77

Deadly Ringer PT. 2 2/9/77

Jaime & The King 2/23/77

Beyond The Call 3/9/77

DeJon Caper 3/16/77

Night Demon 3/23/77

Iron Ships & Dead Men 3/30/77

Bionic Dog PT. 1 9/10/77

Bionic Dog PT. 2 9/17/77

Fembots In Las Vegas PT. 1 9/24/77

Fembots In Las Vegas PT. 2 10/1/77

Rodeo 10/15/77

African Connection 10/29/77

Motorcycle Boogie 11/5/77

Brain Wash 11/12/77

Escape To Love 11/26/77

Max 12/3/77

All For Love 1/7/78

The Pyramid 1/14/78

The Antidote 1/21/78

Martians Are Coming Martians Are Coming 1/28/78

Deadly Music 2/18/78

Which One Is Jaime 2/25/78

Out Of Body 3/4/78

Long Live The King 3/25/78

Rancho Outcast 5/6/78

On The Run 5/13/78




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