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    Blanksy's Beauties
Feb. 12, 1977 - June 27, 1977



Blansky's Beauties was a slight spinoff of Happy Days and Laverne & Shirley.  The show took place in the 70's unlike the other shows were in the 50's.

Nancy Walker starred as Nancy Blansky who managed a group of dancers who performed in Las Vegas shows.

The show was actually decent and well written.

Caren Kaye & Bond Gideon were the two really beautiful cast members in this series.

Lynda Goodfriend, Pat Morita & Scott Baio all regulars on Happy Days were regulars in this series.

Nancy Walker was quite busy in her career at this time as she had been on McMillan & Wife, Nancy Walker Show & Rhoda.

Cast Favorite Episodes Guest Stars

Nancy Walker
Caren Kaye
Eddie Mekka
Scott Baio
Lynda Goodfriend
Pat Morita
Rhonda Bates
Bond Gideon
Johnny Desmond

1.   Blansky For The Defense
2.   Mancy Meets Francie
3.   Anthony Falls In Love
4.   Nancy Breaks A Leg
5.   Blansky's Biking Beauty
6.   Nancy Meets Pa Bates
7.   Nancy Goes Sheik
8.   Nancy Remembers Laverne
9.   Dear Nancy
10. My Nephew's Debut

Concheta Ferrell
Phil Foster
Jane Dulo
Linda Henning
Herb Edelman
Ross Martin
Richard Stahl
Doris Roberts
David Huddleston
Howard Hessmen



Episodes Known To Be In Existence



Blansky's Biking Beauty   2/12/77

Blansky for The Defense   2/19/77

Nancy's Cover Up   2/26/77

Nancy's Magic Moment   3/12/77

Nancy Goes Sheik   3/19/77

Nancy Meets Pa Bates   4/16/77

To Nancy With Love   6/6/77




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