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 Cade's County
Sept. 19, 1971 - April 9, 1972



Veteran actors Glenn Ford & Edgar Buchanan starred in this 1971 action/drama about a tough but fair sheriff in Southwest United States.

Edgar Buchanan was fresh off the Petticoat Junction series and despite his age he was quite good in Cade's County.

Glenn Ford was also very good as sheriff Sam Cade as he would figure out some pretty complicated cases.

There were many fine guest stars appearing.

Cade's County didn't have much of a chance in the ratings as it was up against Bonanza.


Cast Favorite Episodes Guest Stars

Glenn Ford
Edgar Buchanan

1.   The Mustangers
2.   Armageddon Contract
3.   Violent Echo
4.   Homecoming
5.   Company Town
6.   Safe Deposit
7.   A Gun For Billy
8.   The Fake
9.   Shakedown
10. Requiem For Miss Madrid

Shelley Fabares
Bobby Sherman
Judy Carne
William Shatner
George Maharis
Gordon Jump
William Windom
Martin Sheen
Loretta Swit


Episodes Known To Be In Existence



Homecoming  9/19/71

Company Town   9/26/71

Safe Deposit   10/3/71

Crisscross  10/10/71

Violent Echo   10/24/71

Gray Wolf   10/31/71

Armegeddon Contract   11/7/71

The Mustangers   11/14/71

A Gun For Billy   11/28/71

Requiem For Miss Madrid   12/12/71

Alien Land   12/19/71

Shakedown   1/9/72

The Brothers   1/23/72

Dead Past   2/13/72

The Fake   3/19/72

Blackout  3/26/72






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