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 Cimarron Strip
Sept. 7, 1967 - March 7, 1968



Cimarron Strip was a western set in the late 19th century.

Cimarron Strip was located near Kansas & the Indian border and was patrolled by U.S. Marshall Jim Crown played by Stuart Whitman.

Cimarron Strip was a 90 minute show and CBS had hoped it would take on The Virginian but it never attracted much of an audience.

CBS aired reruns of Cimarron Strip during the summer of 1971.

In syndication many of the episodes were edited to 60 minutes.


Cast Favorite Episodes Guest Stars

Stuart Whitman
Percy Herbert
Randy Boone
Jill Townsend

1.   The Battleground
2.   Till the End Of Night
3.   Beast That Walks Like A Man
4.   Last Wolf
5.   Blue Moon Train
6.   Knife In The Darkness
7.   Big Jessie
8.   Heller
9.   The Roarer
10. The Hunted

Broderick Crawford
Jeanne Cooper
Tuesday Weld
Albert Salmi
Leslie Nielsen
Lola Albright
Suzanne Pleshette
Richard Boone
David Carradine
Telly Savales
Warren Oates
Andrew Duggan


Episodes Known To Be In Existence


Legend Of Jud Starr    9/14/67

Broken Wing   9/21/67

The Battleground  9/28/67

Battle Of The Bloody Stones  10/12/67

Whitey   10/19/67

The Roarer   11/2/67

The Search   11/9/67

Till The End Of The Night   11/16/67

Beast That Walks Like A Man   11/30/67

Nobody   12/7/67

Last Wolf   12/14/67

The Deputy   12/21/67

The Judgement   1/4/68

Blue Moon Train   2/15/68

Without Honor   2/29/68

The Greeners   3/7/68




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