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Detective / Foreign Intrigue (1984-1985)

Mac Harper (1984) - Jon-Erik Hexum
Danielle Reynolds - Jennifer O'Neill
Henry Towler - Richard Anderson
Jack Striker - Anthony Hamilton
Rick - Mykel T. Williamson
Gretchen - Ingrid Anderson
Billie - Irena Ferris
Ashley - Dana Sparks
Cindy (1984) - Heather McNair


Jon-Erick Hexum and Jennifer O'Neill of "Cover Up"Dani and Mac, a beautiful professional photographer and her handsome male model, traveled the word on fashion assignments.

That was their public job. Behind the scenes, they were secret agents working on a freelance basis for a mysterious U.S. government agency. Mac was a former Green Beret who had served in Vietnam and was a specialist in karate, chemical interrogation, and foreign languages. Dani had been married to an agent whose death she and Mac avenged in the series premier. Rick was Dani's photographic assistant and helped both her and Mac on espionage assignments, while Gretchen, Billie, Ashley, and Linda were her most frequently used models.

Anthony Hamilton replace Jon-Erik Hexum as Dani's partner following Hexum's tragic death on the set of "Cover Up," an accident in which he had shot himself in the head.

Episodes Known To Be In Existence
(listed in alphabetical order -- no further episode info is currently available):

ADAM’S RIB (Note: video has some breakups)
Air Date: 3-23-85
Writer: Robert Hamilton
Director: John Hancock
Guests: Ray Girardin, Gavin O'Herlihy, Cindy Fisher
Synopsis: Denver, Colorado, 1980: Three airport employees, Paul Adams, Drew Simpson and a young woman named Sally steal $13,000,000, hide the money in a coffin, and follow the coffin to Paris, France where it is buried. They stay in Paris for the next five years, running a restaurant called "Adams' Ribs" and waiting until the statute of limitations runs out and the money will be theirs free and clear. After several years of investigation, the Agency knows that the airport employees took the money and that there is little time left to find it. Jack and Dani head to Paris, posing as a married couple. They stage a phony fashion shoot at Adams' Ribs and get close to the thieves. Jack hits on Sally, knowing that it will make Paul jealous. As night falls, the duo break into the restaurant and plant listening devices in the rooms. The next day, Dani coaxes Henry into sending them $100,000, which they use to purchase a Rolls Royce. Rick poses as a Rolls dealer and "delivers" the car to an astonished Drew Simpson, who knows nothing about it. The trio begins to distrust each other, so they head to where the money is buried to see if it is all there - and Jack and Dani follow.

Air Date: 1-26-85
Writers: Donald Ross and Douglas Heyes
Director: Douglas Heyes
Guests: Richard Hatch,
Jan Smithers, Gregory Sierra, Ceorge Innes, Alan Jordon
Synopsis: In Costa Del Sol, vacationing schoolteacher Karen Morris is the only witness to the crash of a small plane. She rushes to help and discovers a suitcase with $500,000 in AL One of the survivors of the crash was thrown clear and he watches Karen make off with the money. After days of agonizing over what she should do, Karen turns the money over to the police And is told that she will be able to keep the money if no one comes forward within the next seven days. Karen believes that she is being followed, so she contacts the Agency for protection. Jack, Dani, Henry Ed the models head to Costa Del Sol. Henry believes that the money is a payoff for the assassination of one of the delegates at an upcoming peace conference in Costa Del Sol. The famed assassin named "The Lion" is expected to strike at the conference. The gang stages a fashion shoot on the grounds of the hotel where the conference is being held in order to take photographs of the delegates and hotel guests. Later, Jack meets Nob Corwin, his old army buddy and he and the gang tour the town. Karen spots the man who has been following her, and Jack and Bob
give chase. Bob "accidentally kills the man by breaking his neck. Later, Inspector Luther Simms investigates the plane crash and suspects that Bob is The Lion - and Bob is becoming friendly with Karen. During a party at the hotel, a masked man throws Simms out a window, killing him. Jack gives chase, but the killer eludes him. The police arrive and Jack is arrested for killing Simms.

Air Date: 2-23-85
Writer: Frederick Rappaport
Director: Bruce Kessler
Guests: Florence Henderson, Peter Jason, Alejandro Rey, Alex Henteloff, Judd Omen

Synopsis: When three prominent Americans commit suicide shortly after staying at a health resort on the Mexican Riviera, Henry assigns Jack and Dani to investigate. Dani runs into her old friend Penelope Reinhart at the resort, so she pretends that she and Jack have come to the resort to get married. Penelope buys the story and promptly calls all of Dani's friends to tell them the good news. The duo search the records of the dead executives and discover that all three men had Miacidin treatments. The men thought that they were receiving "health injections", but the Miacidin made them unusually susceptible to hypnosis. Jack suspects that Carlos Medina, half-owner of the resort is responsible for drugging the men - and he and Dani are very attracted to each other. Later, Stanley Poe, a businessman staying at the resort, receives a phone call and the next instant he shoots and kills a guest and then tries to shoot himself. Jack stops him and a confused Stanley is jailed for murder. Jack learns that Stanley had had Miacidin injections. He breaks into the resort medical center, steals some Miacidin and sends it to Henry for analysis. Later, Jack and Dani visit Stanley to try and prompt his memory about who called him prior to the shooting - but they discover that he has hung himself after getting a phone call from his "lawyer". The duo then pose as I.R.S. agents and learn that Carlos has been buying up stock in the dead executive's companies, which seems to finger him as the deadly caller - but then Carlos himself receives a trance-inducing phone call.

Air Date: 1-12-85
Writer: Joe Gannon
Director: Jeffrey Hayden
Richard Jaeckel, Carl Franklin, Tracy Reed, Jesse Vint, Eb Lottimer, Richard Minchenberg
Synopsis: On an oil rig off the Gulf of Mexico, Paul Cooper sells a computer disk to Joe Stanton. The disk contains the location of his company's incredibly rich oil strike. To insure that he won't talk, Stanton has Cooper killed, but not before he hides the disk somewhere on the oil rig and calls his fashion model girlfriend, Anne-Marie Chantelle, and tells her that he has hid the disk "where they first met." Jack, Dani, Henry and the models go to New Orleans, to investigate Cooper's murder. While modeling for Dani, Anne-Marie is kidnapped by one of Stanton's henchmen. Jack gives chase and the kidnapper's car crashes severely injuring Anne-Marie. The gang then stages a phony fashion shoot at the telephone company and Jack steals Anne-Marie's phone records to find out where Paul was calling her from. The gang crashes a party that Stanton is giving and Dani charms him into letting them use his oil rig as the background for a fashion shoot. At the hospital, a doctor in Stanton's employ drugs Anne-Marie to force her to reveal where the disk is hidden. She tells him ail she knows and he is about to kill her when Jack arrives and stops him. On the oil rig, Jack and Dani do the fashion shoot and also search for the disk Stanton wants them to find the disk for him, and plans to have them killed once they do.

Air Date: 2-2-85
Writer: Robert Hamilton
Director: Bernard McEveety
Marie Laurin, Theodore Bikel, Allan Kolmm,Wolf Roth, Peter White
Synopsis: When Gretchen goes to renew her passport, she is knocked down a stairway Ed seriously injured by Yvonne, a French model. She then arrives at Dani's studio and asks for a modeling job - just as Gretchen calls, begging off the upcoming modeling shoot in Istanbul, Turkey. Dani hires Yvonne (who just happens to have a passport in her purse) to take Gretchen's place and the gang is off to Istanbul. Jack and Dani are going to Istanbul to help Mark Jessup, the inventor of U.S. stealth technology. Mark is trying to free his son, David who has been jailed for drug smuggling. Russian agents try to kidnap Jessup, but Jack and Dani get to him first. Meanwhile, Yvonne goes to the Russim embassy to asks for their help in killing a man who murdered one of their operatives two years earlier - Jack Striker! Yvonne and her KCB lover were living in France when she arrived at her apartment in time to see Jack pushing her boyfriend off a roof. She doesn't realize that Jack had tried to save him. Later, Yvonne romances Jack and pumps him for information about the plan to free David from jail - information which she gives to the Russians. Dani tours the prison where David is being held and convinces the warden that she is David's stepsister. She begs the warden to free David, and he says that he will in exchange for certain "favors". Dani refuses, and then discovers that the warden has given David to the Russians. The Russians agree to exchange David for his father - and Yvonne plMs to kill Jack after the exchange.

Air Date: 3-9-85
Writers: Joe Gannon and Don Ross
Director: Mike Vejar
Guests: Billy Gilbert, Robert Horton, Beverly Sanders, Rosalind Inglestein, Marcel Dallio

Synopsis: The gang is in Los Angeles doing a modeling shoot when Dani stops by to see the "Miss Globe" contest that is being run by her friend DeeDee Peire. Someone tries to murder Barbara Caroll, "Miss United States" by dropping the huge "Miss Globe" globe on her she narrowly escapes. Later, a death-threat is found in Barbara's room. Ignoring Henry's objections, Jack and Dani take it upon themselves to safe guard the contestants. At dinner, Barbara gets a note from someone named Tommy, then destroys it and leaves. As she drives off, she soon realizes that her brakes have been tampered with. Jack has followed her because he noticed the brake fluid on the pavement and he stops her car with his own. Later, as Barbara bathes, someone breaks into her room dressed as a maid and would have killed her if not for Jack, Dani and Henry's timely arrival. Dani suspects that Barbara might know who is after her, and gets her to admit that her ex-husband Tommy has been threatening to kill her because she divorced him. On the night of the contest, reporter Frank Lawson tells Jack and Dani that Tommy had called him and asked to meet him and tell his story. Jack and Dani are decoyed away - and "Frank Lawler" reveals himself to be Tommy when he accosts DeeDee and forces her to telephone Barbara and have her go to an a abandoned theater - where he will be waiting to strike.

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