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Many Loves Of Dobie Gillis
September 29, 1959 - September 11, 1963


Episodes Known To Be In Existence

Caper At The Bijou    9/29/59

Love Is A Science    10/13/59

Maynard's Farewell To The Troops    11/3/59

Sweet Singer Of Central High    11/10/59

Dobie's Birthday Party    12/15/59

Smoke Filled Room   1/12/60

Fist Fighter    1/19/60

Flying Millicans    2/2/60

Room At The Bottom    2/9/60

Power Of Positive Thinking    2/16/60

Dobie Spreads A Rumor    2/23/60

Love Is A Falacy    3/1/60

Chicken From Outer Space    3/8/60

Taken To The Cleaners    3/29/60

That's Show Biz    4/5/60

Where There's A Will   5/10/60

Put Your Feet In Our Hands    5/17/60

The French They Are A Funny Race    5/31/60

Unregistered Nurse   6/7/60

Long Arm Of The Law    6/14/60

Here Comes The Groom    6/21/60

Drag Strip Dobie    12/6/60

Jangle Bells    12/20/60

Day The Teachers Disappeared    1/3/61

Big Question    1/24/61

I Didn't Raise My Boy To Be A Soldier Sailor or Marine    3/28/61

Battle Of Maynard's Beard    4/18/61

Take Me To Your Leader    6/20/61

I Do Not Choose To Run    1/9/62

Girls Will Be Boys    2/13/62

Birth Of A Salesman   3/20/62

Who Did William Tell   1/2/63

Beast With Twenty Fingers    2/20/63

Thanks For The Memory   2/27/63

Three Million Coins In The Fountain     3/6/63

Beethoven Presley & Me    3/13/63

Little Chimp That Couldn't     3/20/63

There's Always Room For One Less    3/27/63

General Cried At Dawn    4/3/63

Now I Lay Me Down To Steal    4/10/63

Lassie Get Lost    4/17/63

Rice & Old Shoes Caper    4/24/63

Requiem For An Underweight Heavyweight    5/1/63

I Was A Spy For The F.O.B.    5/8/63

There's A Broken Light For Every Broken Heart On Broadway    5/15/63

Beauty Is Only Skin Deep   5/22/63

Call Of The Like Wild   5/29/63

Devil & Dobie Gillis   6/5/63




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