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Hawaiian Eye
October 7, 1959 - April 2, 1963



Here are the episodes that are known to be in existence.


Malihini Holiday     10/7/59

Second Day Of Infamy    10/21/59

All Expenses Paid    10/28/59

Dangerous Eden    11/4/59

Cloud Over Koala   11/11/59

Beach Boy     11/18/59

Three Tickets To Lani    11/25/59

Quick Return    12/2/59

Shipment From Kihel    12/16/59

Koa Man    12/30/59

Stamped For Danger    1/6/60

Then There Were Three    1/27/60

Danger On Credit    3/2/60

Bequest Of Arthur Goodwin    3/19/60

Typhoon    4/27/60

Shadow Of The Blade    5/4/60

Dead Ringer    5/11/60

Little Blahah    5/18/60

Assignment Manila    5/25/60

Sea Fire   10/5/60

Blue Goddess    10/19/60

Kahuna Curtain    11/9/60

Talk & You're Dead    1/18/61

Man In A Rage    2/15/61

Stanhope Brand    2/22/61

Trouble With Murder    3/1/61

Her Father's House    3/15/61

The Comics    4/19/61

Satan City    9/27/61

Moon Over Mindano   10/11/61

Kill A Gray Fox     11/8/61

Concert In Hawaii    12/27/61

Big Fever    1/17/62

A Likely Story   3/14/62

Scene Of The Crime    5/23/62

Broken Thread   10/23/62

Pursuit Of A Lady    12/11/62

Boar Hunt    2/5/63


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