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Hec Ramsey
October 8, 1972 - August 25, 1974

Hec Ramsey - Richard Boone
Sheriff Oliver B. Stamp - Richard Lenz
Doc Amos Coogan - Harry Morgan
Arne Tornquist - Dennis Rucker

Deputy Hec Ramsey (a former gunfighter), working in the town of New Prospect, Oklahoma in 1901, tries to use the latest forensic techniques to crack crimes. Hec worked under the very young Sheriff Oliver B. Stamp.

"Hec Ramsey," a product of producer Jack Webb, spent two seasons as one of the four rotating elements of the "NBC Sunday Mystery Movie." The other three were "Columbo," "McCloud," and "McMillan and Wife."

Episodes Known To Be In Existence
(listed in alphabetical order -- no further episode info is currently available):

Air Date: 2-3-74
Guests: Jackie Cooper, Sheree North, Art Lund, John Anderson, Russell Wiggins, Tani Phelps Guthrie, Alfred Ryder, Dee Carroll
Synopsis: A healthy looking young man dies of heart failure, but Hec is convinced that it happened naturally.

Air Date: 12-30-73
Guests: Angie Dickinson, Luther Adler, Luther Adler, Kim Hunter, Richard Jordan, Marshall Thompson, Frank Campanella, Kelly Thordsen
Synopsis: A crime syndicate comes to town and are victimizing oildrillers who are tricked into accepting loans from the syndicate.

Air Date: 10-29-72
Guests: Steve Forrest, Stella Stevens, Lee H. Montgomery, Abner Biberman, Murray Matheson
Synopsis: The electric chair is about to make it's Western debut with a captured killer, but someone is attempting to cheat justice. Someone is making annonymous threats that there will be a murder a day until the killer is set free.

Air Date: 11-25-73
Guests: Stuart Whitman, Ruth Roman, Keenan Wynn, Rita Moreno, James G.Richardson, Jean Allison, Harry Hickox
Synopsis: A dead man shot by a lawman becomes a hero, despite the fact he was really a cold-blooded killer. Hec tries to expose the truth about him, and clear the lawman's name.

Air Date: 2-18-73
Guests: Pat Hingle, Bruce Davison, Jeanette Nolan, Bernie Hamilton, Louise Latham, John Anderson, Lee Paul, Henry Jones
Synopsis: Hec hunts the killers of his fiancee, Norma Muldoon and her son Andy during a stagecoach robbery. His chief suspect is the son of an old friend and fellow lawman.

Air Date: 12-17-72
Guests: Rory Calhoun, Lorraine Gary, Morgan Woodward, Lloyd Bochner, Alan Hewitt
Synopsis: Hec sets out to clear innocent Indians and catch the real killers of three ranchers. Color blindness is a strange key to solving the mystery.

Air Date: 4-7-74
Guests: Robert Foxworth, Cliff Potts, Charles Aidman, Fionnuala Flanagan, Harold J. Stone
Synopsis: The town is buzzing over the impossible dream of man in flight. Two men arrive to test a glider and become suspects in the murder of a rival flyer.

Air Date: 10-8-72
Writer: Harold Jack Bloom
Director: Daniel Petrie
Guests: R.G. Armstrong, Robert Pratt, Ray Middleton, Dick Van Patten, William Vint, Robert Phillips
Synopsis: An aging lawman in the turn-of-the century West finds himself out of step with the times and reluctantly accepts a job as a deputy to an inexperienced college-educated Police Chief in Oklahoma. He uses his brain and primitive beginnings of early-day criminal science to solve crimes.

Air Date: 3-10-74
Guests: Albert Salmi, William Campbell, Kurt Russell, Chill Wills, Dick Haymes, Charles Aidman, William Campbell, Hilarie Thompson, Tom Drake, Jason Evers
Synopsis: A hotheaded young man comes to town looking for his father, who deserted he and his mother many years before. When the father turns up dead Hec tries to prove that the young man is not guilty.

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