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Hello Larry
January 26, 1979 - April 30, 1980

Larry Alder - McLean Stevenson
Diane Adler (1979) - Donna Wilkes
Diane Alder (1979-1980) - Krista Errickson
Ruthie Alder - Kim Richards
Morgan Winslow - Joanna Gleason
Earl - George Memmoli
Medowlark Lemon - Himself
Tommy Roscini - John
Henry Alder (1980) - Red Stuthman
Leona Wilson - Ruth Brown

"Hello, Larry" is about a radio talk show host who moved from L.A. to Portland, Oregon, with his two teenage daughters following the breakup of his marriage. He landed a job at radio station KLOW, where Morgan Winslow became the producer of his phone-in talk show. Earl was Larry's obese engineer. Larry had been given custody of his two daughters, 13-year-old Ruthie and 16-year-old Diane. Glib and in total control on the air, he was much less sure of himself at home as the single parent of two maturing girls. Leona, a schoolteacher and neighbor, tried to bring a little of the woman's touch to this chaotic household. And in the fall of 1979, Harlem Globetroters basketball start Medowlark Lemon played himself as the owner of a sporting goods store. In that last season, Larry's retired father, Henry, moved in with him.

It's no coincidence that "Hello, Larry" bore resemblance to "One Day At A Time", for "Hello, Larry's" executive producers Dick Bensfield and Perry Grant (for Norman Lear's T.A.T. Communications)-had also worked on "One Day At A Time". Shelley Fabares also was part of "One Day At A Time"'s cast at one point in time.

From time to time efforts were made to shore up the "Hello, Larry" ratings by cross pollinating it with fellow NBC sitcom series "Diff'rent Strokes". "Diff'rent Strokes"' Phillip Drummond, it turns out, was an old Army buddy of Larry's, facilitating the appearance of the cast members on each others' series.

Episodes Known To Be In Existence
(listed in alphabetical order -- no further episode info is currently available):

Air Date: 12-5-79
Writers: George Tibbles, Woody Kling
Story: Wayne Kline & George Tibbles & Woody Kling
Director: Doug Rogers
Synopsis: Trouble arises when Diane develops a drinking problem.

Air Date: 2-2-79
Teleplay: Milt Rosen
Story: Dick Bensfield & Perry Grant
Director: Doug Rogers
Guests: Anne Sweeny, Sherri Spillane, Carolos Brown
Synopsis: Larry receives his final divorce papers and struggles with his emotions.

Air Date: 2-9-79
Writers: Dick Bensfield & Perry Grant
Director: Doug Rogers
Guest: Brad Trumbull
Synopsis: A homesick Diane begins tomiss her boyfriend in L.A. So, she decides to hitch her way back.

Air Date: 3-9-79
Writer: Martin Cohan
Director: Doug Rogers
Guestst: Jan Shutan, Christopher Thomas
Synopsis: Recently divorced Larry goes on a date with Morgan's sister much to Morgan's worry.

Air Date: 3-23-79
Writer: George Tibbles
Director: Doug Rogers
Guest: Ruth Brown
Synopsis: New tenant Leona moves into Larry's building and aids his daughters but angers him.

MONEY FROM HOME (could be listed as "$10,000 Check" in our database)
Air Date: 1-9-80
Writer: Milt Rosen
Guest: Will Hunt
Synopsis: Larry's ex-wife sends a sizeable check to help him buy a house for his daughters and challenges his pride.

Air Date: unknown (from second season)
Writers: George Tibbles & Woody Kling
Director: Doug Rogers
Synopsis: Morgan becomes Larry's boss and Larry is jealous of her new position and promotion.

Air Date: 2-16-79
Writer: Howard Albrecht
Director: Doug Rogers
Synopsis: Diane and Ruthie begin to miss their mom and Morgan helps fill the void.

Air Date: 1-16-80
Writers: Doug Tibbles & Barbara Tibbles
Story: Ralph Phillips & George Tibbles & Barbara Tibbles
Director: Doug Rogers
Guests: Walter Burke, Frank Vohs
Synopsis: Ruthie gets in a fight with her new piano teacher who is much disliked, he dies after their argument and she feels responsible.

Air Date: 2-23-79
Writer: George Tibbles
Director: Doug Rogers
Guests: Kerry Muir, Julie Anne Huddock, Jamie Anne Parsons
Synopsis: Ruthie is rejected at school by her friends as they learn her dad is the local outspoken talk-show host.

THE NUDE EMCEE (could be listed in our database as "Nude Beauty Contest")
Air Date: unknown (from second season)
Writers: Jay Sommers & Dick Chevillat
Director: Doug Rogers
Guests: Dorothy Green, Anulka Fox Sales
Synopsis: Larry, in dire need of funds to buy a house for his daughters, is offered big money to be a nude emcee for a nude beauty contest.

Air Date: 3-16-79
Writer: Lois Hire
Director: Doug Rogers
Guest: Karen Obidiear
Synopsis: It's feared that Diane is on uppers when Larry finds them in her purse.

HOW TO NOT TO (Pilot Episode)
Air Date: 1-26-79
Writers: Dick Bensfield & Perry Grant
Director: Alan Rafkin
Synopsis: Diane's boyfriend is putting pressure on her to go all the way.

Air Date: unknown (from second season)
Writer: Lois Hire
Story: Earl Doud
Director: Doug Rogers
Synopsis: Diane, thinking Ruthie is too much of a tomboy, gets Ruthie persuaded to go to a school dance and soon enough Ruthie develops a crush.

Air Date: 4-2-80
Writer: Glenn Padnick
Guest: Barbara Cason
Synopsis: Tommy asks Larry for advice on women. Soon, Tommy is in trouble at school for kissing a girl in a broom closet.

Air Date: 3-5-80
Writer: Michael Endler
Guests: Joey Travolta, George O'Hanlan Jr., Robyn Petty, Jeff Seymour, Laura Urstein, Sandy Rosenberg, Susan Vickery
Synopsis: Diane meets and falls for a rock star and may be leaving home for him.

Air Date: 3-12-80
Writers: Al Gordon & Jack Mendelsohn
Director: Doug Rogers
Guests: Joey Travolta, George O'Hanlan Jr., Clyde Kusatsu, Joseph Perry, Peggy Mondo, Randy Edelman Kipp Cochran
Synopsis: Diane must decide between her new love (the rock star) and her family.

Air Date: 3-2-79
Writer: George Tibbles
Director: Doug Rogers
Guest: Geno Andrews
Synopsis: Ruthie and her friend Eric develop a case of puppy love and aren't sure how to react.

Air Date: 4-6-79
Teleplay: George Tibbles
Story: Celia Bonaduce & Anthony Bonaduce
Director: Doug Rogers
Guest: Geno Andrews
Synopsis: Before a party at the Alders', Ruthie's boyfriend Eric gets a crush on Diane.

Air Date: 4-30-80
Writers: George Tibbles & Woody Kling & Al Gordon & Jack Mendelsohn
Directors: Doug Rogers & Art Dielhenn
Guest: Geno Andrews
Synopsis: Morgan's new secretary dates Larry's father and we find that marriage is in their plans.

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