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Situation Comedy (1968-1970)

Jason Bolt - Robert Brown
Jeremy Bolt - Bobby Sherman
Joshua Bolt - David Soul
Lottie Hatfield - Joan Blondell
Candy Pruitt - Bridget Hanley
Aaron Stempel - Mark Lenard
Big Swede - Bo Svensen
Biddie Cloom - Susan Tolsky
Captain Charley Clancey - Henry Beckman
Miss Essie Gillis - Mitzi Hoag
Ben Jenkins - Hoke Howell
Christopher Pruitt (1969-1970) - Eric Chase

Molly Pruitt (1969-1970) - Patti Cohoon

cast members of "Here Come The Brides"The story of logging camp operator, Jason Bolt, and his younger brothers, Jeremy and Joshua. Set in Seattle in the 1870s, "Here Come The Brides" followed the tale of how the Bolt brothers were in danger of losing their timberland at Bridal Veil Mountain because their men were in near revolt over the lack of women in Seattle.

Using funds borrowed from rival saw-mill operator Aaron Stempel, Jason Bolt sailed back to New Bedford, Massachusettes and persuaded 100 propsective brides to return with him to the frontier. The girls, led by "straw boss" Candy Pruitt, returned with Jason aboard Captain Clancey's decrepit ship, and the city of Seattle was soon transformed. However, if any one of the girls left before the end of atwelve month period, Jason's land would be forfeited to Stempel.

Due largely in part to the sucess of the series, Bobby Sherman went on to be an extremely popular recording star on the pop charts in the late sixties and early seventies.

David Soul went on to marry one of the "brides" he met on the series and made Karen Carlson his real-life wife.

Episodes Known To Be In Existence
(listed in alphabetical order -- no further episode info is currently available):

Air Date: 10-9-68
Writers: John O'Dea and Jay Simms
Director: E.W. Swackhamer
Guests: Jennifer West, Eric Shea, Linda Sue Risk, Maralee Foster, Hollis Morrison
Synopsis: Holly Houston rides into town with three small children and a plan to find herself a husband, so the judge won't take the kids from her. Her target? Jason Bolt.
She manages to convince most of the town that Jason IS the father of the three children and that he'd promised to marry her. She then leaves the children with the brides and disappears from town. With the town mostly taking Holly's side, Jason tracks her down and tells her that he will teach her how to be a lady so that the judge will not take the children from her. She accepts his offer, hoping that he will marry her once she's more ladylike. At the custody hearing, everyone finds out that Jason is not the father and that Holly is not the mother. (She's the aunt.) The children will be sent to Ohio to live with their grandparents and Holly decides to accompany them there. In the final scene, Jason receives a note from Holly telling him how things went and asking him to introduce her to the eligible Mr. Aaron Stempel when she returns.

Air Date: 10-23-68
Synopsis: It started out like any other Seattle day. But there was something different in the air. Something not heard around the town...a sound...unique and pleasant. And Candy was about to get the shock of her life. When the stagecoach pulled into the town square, out stepped a man that was larger than life playing bagpipes and yet he looked so familiar to Candy. She could not believe her eyes!! She left Biddie holding the wet wash and ran to the Bolt cabin. She told the brothers that a man looking exactly like their deceased father was in Seattle. Upon returning to the town square...Jason, Joshua and Jeremy see their Uncle Duncan, their father's twin brother and head of the Bolt clan.
After welcoming him to Seattle, the Bolt brothers and Duncan head to Lottie's for stories of Kilmaron.....the land held by the Bolt family for generations. But Duncan brings sad news of how Kilmaron is no more. With no definite plans in mind, he has come to Seattle to get to know his only living relatives and help out in any way he can. But that turns out to be a disaster as Duncan tries to help a little too much. He negotiates the Bolt brothers out of their own lumber contract with Stemple, he tries to fire some of the men he thinks are not holding their own and he destroys the flume. But of all the things that he turns upside down, the worst was telling Candy she can not marry Jeremy because she does not have a dowry to bring to the marriage. Lottie tries to help and talk him into changing his mind but he tells her that tradition dies hard in his family and shows her a beautiful brooch that has been in the family for generations. On this he will not budge and this gives Candy the motivation she needs to make the best of the situation. Only problem is she gets herself into some difficulty by buying a piece of land that is worthless. Later that evening Jason, Joshua and Jeremy confront their uncle on all that has gone wrong since his coming to Seattle and trying to help. While apologizing to Jason, Duncan gives him an idea on how to turn around some of the things that have happened.

Air Date: 10-2-68
Writer: Skip Webster
Director: Bob Claver
Guests: Dolores Mann, Kathleen Widdoes, Arthur Space
Synopsis: With the pressure of a large logging contract with a late penalty, the Bolt brothers would be busy enough, but the brides, led by Candy Pruitt, have put together a petition. The town must get a doctor or they will leave.
Jason heads to San Francisco in search of a doctor. The only one he can find has excellent credentials, but is a woman, which in the mid-1800s was very rare. He extends her the offer out of desperation and they sail back to Seattle. In the meantime, Joshua and Jeremy have been running the logging camp. Jeremy dynamites a log jam and is severely injured. Dr. Wright returns in time to save his life. To thank her, Jason throws her a welcome party, but attendance is mixed: the loggers go only because Jason insisted that they go, but only two of the brides show up. Jason delivers an impassioned speech to the brides about their prejudice. Dr. Wright realizes that even in unconventional Seattle, there is still a lot of uneasiness about a woman doctor and decides to leave, when Emily Perkins--who is pregnant--pleads for her to stay. When Emily explains that she has already lost two babies, Dr. Wright changes her mind and decides to stay. The show ends with Big Swede complaining of a toothache and Candy deciding that Seattle could use a dentist, too.

Air Date: 1-23-70
Synopsis: Holly Houston (Jennifer West), the backwoods woman who had "latched on" to Jason in the first season episode AND JASON MAKES FIVE , returns to Seattle, to live! Of course, Jason(and even Stempel) are extremely nervous about this development. But the now well-dressed Holly who has gotten rich playing craps, wants only to repay all the kindness the people of Seattle have shown her in the past.She not only gives Seattle a library (which the brides have always wanted), but also buys the town a new church organ, throws a big party for everyone at Lottie's, and gives each person a $5.00 credit at Ben's general store. Unfortunately, Stempel and Ben discover that all her money is counterfeit (she did not know this). With Biddie and Candy's help, Holly is convinced to go after the crook who cheated her by paying her winnings with counterfeit cash. Holly and Biddie find the man's picture in the wanted posters at the jail. His name is J. Montgomery Morgan (Pat Harrington,Jr.), and there's a $5000 reward for his capture. Holly is going after him!
She sets out alone on her horse..Jason tries to follow, but she won't let him. She tracks Morgan to Tacoma, and locks up the temporary deputy in a cell at his own jail, in order to spring Morgan from same jail (when the deputy wouldn't give him to her). Jason has now caught up to her, but the deputy gets out and jails BOTH Holly and Jason on charges of being accessories to Morgan's jailbreak. Holly then bribes him to let go,using a bunch of her leftover counterfeit money ! She catches up with Morgan, throws him off his horse, and subdues him all by herself, as the Bolts look on admiringly. With the $5000 reward for Morgan's capture, she repays all the debts from her purchases(the library, church organ ,etc.) and decides to go back to her life as a backwoods trapper, rather then try to be a "real lady" in Seattle. Jason and Stempel tell her that she's welcome back to Seattle anytime--but to please give them advance warning next time!?

Air Date: 12-5-69
Synopsis: Seattle wants to secure the services of "the Swedish Nightingale", Miss Jenny Lind(Mala Powers), for its Admittance Day celebrations (Washington Territory's admittance to the United States). Tacoma (represented in this episode by Big Luther Coyle [Alan Hale]) wants her , too, for its own Founder's Day celebrations. Each town is trying to impress Washington's governor on its own big day, especially with Miss Lind present, because they know that the most "cosmopolitan" city should get the new railroad line,and the final decision is the governor's.Both towns have signed for Miss Lind with the (in)famous showman P.T. Barnum, who represents her in the United States...except that it wasn't the real Mr. Barnum. Candy is not giving up. She convinces Clancey to take herself, Lottie, Stempel, and Jason to San Francisco, where the REAL P.T. Barnum (and Miss Lind) are visiting, to try to sign Miss Lind in person. Feeling they have nothing more to lose (they've already lost $1,250. to the fake Barnum ), they depart. The real Mr. Barnum (who coined the phrase "there's a sucker born every minute") informs them,and later Big Luther (who's still also trying to get Miss Lind), that the singer does not appear in towns as small as Seattle or Tacoma. After more plot twists (a highlight being Bridget Hanley with a blacked-out front tooth and affecting a hilarious,bent-over-double waddle, while posing as a charwoman!), Jason finally gets to speak to the real Jenny Lind. In his inimitable, heartfelt prose, smiling dazzingly all the while, Jason launches into a speech, suspiciously similar to the one he delivered to the brides way back in New Bedford, about the beauties of Seattle. She is of course beguiled, until Barnum finds them and calls Jason nothing but a salesman. The group returns to Seattle in defeat, Jason apologizing to everyone; but when Admittance Day arrives, who should appear in a coach but the governor and Jenny Lind! She decided to come and sing for them after all-- Jason's speech had gone straight to her heart. As she sings for the happy citizens, the governor informs Stempel and Jason that the railroad line will be going to Walla Walla... (Note for the historically curious: according to BAKER'S BIOGRAPHICAL DICTIONARY OF MUSICIANS, the great Swedish soprano Jenny Lind (1820-1887) actually toured the U.S. with P.T. Barnum beginning in 1850, and left America for Europe by at least 1855, where she remained for the rest of her life. BRIDES is set in post-Civil War Seattle, so the dates don't exactly jive, but with an episode like this, we can be happy for the existence of "artistic license" on the part of the writers!

Air Date: 10-23-68
Synopsis: Professional gambler Lorenzo (Phil Bruns) comes into town and Clancey ends up losing his boat to him in a card game. If it were not for Joshua's mathematical mind (and his patience), the Bolts would have lost their mountain in their desperate bid to win back Clancey's boat.

Air Date: 10-30-69
Synopsis: The Bolts discover an Indian boy(Ric Natoli); he's been injured by trappers who have killed his entire family. He's terrified of the brothers, but they get him into Seattle and treat his leg wound. Stempel identifies him as an Apache, and he hates all Apaches. He's had past experiences with them and warns the Bolts not to trust the boy. The townspeople are afraid, too, so the brothers cut his hair short and put one of Jeremy's suits on him(it's a little big, but it's cute!). They hope that Seattle will begin to accept him as a citizen there, since he has nowhere else to go. The boy becomes more trusting day by day, but it is rough going at first. Jason finds the boy visiting the graves of his family members(Corky and the men took care of this) and the boy speaks his name: Hosanna.
Jeremy takes him to a hospital in Tacoma; the leg wound is not healing. The doctor there insists that Jeremy cannot stay with Hosanna, and he reluctantly leaves the boy for 48 hours. Sure enough, upon his return Jeremy finds Hosanna straightjacketed in a cell in the hospital annex, actually an old prison. The insane jailer there discovers Jeremy and imprisons him too, but the head warden lets Jeremy out. Hosanna, however, is going to be sent to a distant reservation, leg injury or no (meanwhile, they are not feeding him). An angry Jeremy breaks into the annex that night (a really neat job, too!) and gets Hosanna back to Clancey's ship.(There is a very tense moment when the insane jailer begs Jeremy not to lock him up into his own cell--Jeremy's nature is to have compassion for others; but is the man playing a trick? For a moment, the entire episode hangs on this one decision he must make.) Back in Seattle, the Bolts overhear trappers telling of Apaches who have made it as far north as Canada. The boy hears the weird laughter of a trapper, and knows that these are his family's killers-- he will never forget that sound. Hosanna finds them in Ben's store, trying to trade his family's belongings, and tries to stab one of them, then flees. Jason puts it all together, and he heads off the trappers, who are leading a posse to find and kill Hosanna. Jason gives the boy the time he needs to head north to Canada, where he will again be free.

Air Date: 11-20-68
Synopsis: Joshua is in love with beautiful Rachel (Linda Marsh), who tearfully breaks off their relationship when she admits to him that she is Jewish and that,although she cares for him, she wants to marry a Jewish man. There are none to be found in Seattle, of course...but wait! One of the loggers, Sullivan(Dan Travanty, later Travanti!) , raised by a Catholic stepfather, reveals to Jason that he is Jewish. Matchmaking follows, not without some fireworks, but meanwhile bigotry rears its ugly head in the girls' dormitory against Rachel--one bride's prejudice is so intense that she's going to leave Seattle. This episode handles a difficult subject very sensitively, although a few moments are cloying. In the end, Joshua is left sad and alone.

Air Date: 3-27-70

Air Date: 11-14-69
Synopsis: Seattle's people are paralyzed by fear after a local named Jed arrives in Lottie's , injured and shouting that he was attacked by Big Foot. Some believe that Big Foot is just a legend (Jason, Joshua, Stempel ), some (like Jeremy and Clancey)are in the middle; but most of the residents are terrified. Since "Big Foot" was seen in Caleb (Paul Fix) Balter's valley, some begin to think that he has a connection to this creature. Caleb is a hermit who has lived in a cave for the past 30 years. Since Caleb's brother Matt(Ed Asner) would inherit the valley if Caleb died, suspicion mounts that Matt may be trying to pin the Big Foot attacks on Caleb, in hopes that Caleb will be killed off by a posse of angry citizens. Matt maintains his innocence--he has not seen his brother in 30 years. While Jason and company try to get to the bottom of the mystery, Molly and Christopher go out looking for the creature(they dared each other not to be afraid). The children are found by a frantic Candy, but then she , too, sees Big Foot , as does Biddie, and even Stempel is attacked. Huge footprints have been found in the vicinity , but Jason is not falling for it. He talks to Caleb, and deduces that Stempel's foreman and Jed have been trying to set up Matt as the fall guy. These two want Caleb dead, and Matt in jail, so that they can buy the valley in a public auction. Matt gets the marshal, Jason sets up a sting operation, and they catch the crooks(who had used a wooden device to make the footprints) stalking Caleb in his cave. Before they can kill Caleb, Big Foot (the huge Yakima Indian Sasquatch,friend to Caleb, who is in a fur costume)frightens them to death--they admit their plan to Caleb. The marshal has heard enough and arrests the men. The episode is interesting in that it depicts the various levels of belief or disbelief in the legend, and forces the viewer to think about it too. The Yakima Indians did believe Big Foot existed; they called it Sasquatch.

Air Date: 10-30-68
Synopsis: The citizens of Seattle are all in despair over the new sheriff they have hired (JohnMarley)--who has made Big Swede his deputy, no less. The sheriff is completely over-the-top in his strict interpretations of Seattle's laws, and is driving everyone crazy in the process. They will be stuck with him for three years,unless something can be done! Jason, fast talker that he is, trips the sheriff up and gets him to resign. Seattle can return to its depravity!

Air Date: 1-8-69
Synopsis: Jeremy and Candy celebrate their engagement , along with all of Seattle, but their joy is short-lived. Another logger named Lew (Sam Melville) convinces a dubious Jeremy that he should not set a date , but make it a long-term engagement, like Lew has done with his girl. When the brides hear of this ploy, they angrily concoct one of their own, and go on strike .

Air Date: 11-6-68
Synopsis: In a very complex plot, the Bolts are on a huge logging job with a penalty clause when lovesick Swede, their best worker, decides to quit. But there's more: Aaron, with (of course) ulterior motives, has put a bug into Miss Essie's ear (she's Swede's lady-love) that Jason's in love with her; he also convinces Swede to play man-about-town, and meanwhile, the loggers are furious with Jason--they believe he fired Swede in order to steal Miss Essie ! Chaos ensues, but there is a happy ending.

Air Date: 12-4-68
Synopsis: A traveling salesman/magician named Merlin(Jack Albertson) visits Seattle and offers to stop the torrential rains which have halted all work on the mountain for both Jason's and Stempel's men. The townspeople laugh at him (except for Jeremy), but agree to let him try. In the morning, the rain stops. Jeremy is so taken by Merlin's magic that he wonders if his magic can also cure stuttering? Jeremy is indeed cured , coming completely out of his shell in the process, but Candy is not so sure that she cares for this transformation...a very moving episode, with fantastic acting from Bobby.

Air Date: 10-17-69
Synopsis: Candy has arranged for The Great Western Shakespeare Company to give a performance of one of the Bard's plays in Seattle. The troupe arrives, led by an unctious Mr. Marlowe (Donald Moffat); with him are other leading players, including Eleanor (Jayne Meadows)and Monsieur Pierre LeBeau (Ian Ireland), quite the ladies' man! Their contract stipulates that they must play to a FULL house... that's so that a couple of their players can rob all of the homes and businesses in town while their owners attend the play. Seattle is no different, and the players get away with money and jewels. But Candy, Jason, and Josh,on a return trip to Seattle, have missed both the show (and the action), due to a washed-out bridge. When Jason hears about the situation, he comes up with one of his famous plans. He and Jeremy will pose as Candy's brothers, and the three of them will intercept the troupe at their next stop, put the leading man out of action, and have Candy (resplendent in a red velvet gown) tip Marlowe off that her brother, Jason Winthrop, is an actor, and could save their show that night --he knows the part of Hamlet! The actors aren't interested in using an amateur --until Jason walks in the door and flashes that smile. That night, Jason portrays Hamlet magnificently (Josh is there admiring him ,too, along with the marshal--there to catch the crooks in the act, as it were)--right down to the swordfight (which becomes a real one)! In the melee that ensues, the troupe is found out, and arrested. But Robert Brown playing Jason playing an amateur Shakespearean ! -- it's fantastic; and all's well that ends well...

Air Date: 12-26-69
Synopsis: Josh is going off to San Francisco on a buying trip. Jason is away, and Jeremy is jealous--he wants to go to Frisco himself! Obie Brown (George Stanford Brown) , their best logger , comes to Joshua cabin and announces that he is quitting. Joshua is in shock. Why is Obie leaving? He is lonely , and wants a bride of his own, but the Bolts did not bring any black brides from New Bedford. Now Josh feels pretty badly. Obie asks him not to feel badly; but he must go. The Bolts and all the men like Obie, and he is one of their best loggers, but they have an ulterior motive for wanting him to stay -- he is their ace in the hole to win the upcoming annual logging competition. Joshua says he’ll do anything--he’ll get him a bride in San Francisco! Obie gives him 2 weeks, logging contest or no logging contest.
When Obie leaves, Josh suddenly does an about-face and tells Jeremy (who knows nothing about the Obie Brown situation)that HE can go to San Franscisco! Jeremy gets halfway there, on Clancey’s boat, when Clancey lets him know that he has to find a bride of Obie--and Jeremy agrees, but only if Clancey helps! In a comical scene, the two men enter an all-black saloon in San Franscisco, and try to tempt some of the saloon girls to come back to Seattle with them. Unfortunately, Clancey does the talking, and it gets things pretty tangled up! Their next stop is the local Abyssianian Baptist Church, but no luck there. The boat pulls back into the dock at Seattle, and all the townspeople are expectant , but no one more than Obie Brown. Ar first it appears that no bride has been found, but Jeremy and Clancey are saving the best for last. Not only have they brough a black woman for Obie, but a beautiful one as well! Her name is Princess Lucenda (Cicely Tyson), and she is a real African princess. However, she believes that she was brought to Seattle to give a performance of songs and dances of her people--to help her earn her passage back to Africa. She has not been told that she has been brought as a prospective bride for Obie Brown. But she is friendly , and gladly allows him to assist her to the women’s dormitory. Obie finds out about her real plans, however, and is so disappointed that he decides not even to stay for the logging contest. It hurts him to think that the contest means more to the men than his feelings, as they are still trying to convince him to stay. Joshua and Jeremy have a change of heart, and want Obie to be happy , contest or no. Joshua goes to the princess to give her a Jason-style speech , to convince her to give Obie a chance. But Candy and Lottie have already convinced her to meet with him. The logging contest (which lasts several days) begins. The Bolt camp is doing well against Stempel’s camp. But things aren’t going so well between Princess Lucenda and Obie Brown. In her country, she is royalty, and here in America, Obie is a son of slaves. She notes that in America, black people, although freed since the Civil War, are still downtrodden. Obie cannot argue with this ,but still wants her to stay with him and start a new life in Seattle, a more tolerant place than those back East. But she doesn’t want him ,and he is disconsolate. Jason returns and is told all the news. He tries to apologize to Obie for the whole mess, but Obie says the fault is all his, and a fist fight ensues as each man tries to shoulder the blame! Obie agrees to compete on the next day, but after that, he is leaving Seattle. The princess also readies herself to leave town, even before Obie . Molly and Christopher try to convince her to stay , using arguments and logic that only children would think of. Obie, depressed, but trying to win the stump toss contest, loses anyway, as the children burst out and break his concentration. The Bolt camp loses the contest for this year. But the children have won a greater victory , for they have brought Lucenda with them , and she is going to stay--with Obie. The themes of racial inequity are handled (in this writer’s opinion) with sensitivity and intelligence in this episode; and in 1969-70, this was still new ground for television.

Air Date: 2-12-69
Synopsis: ...so Jason states to con man/swindler/speculator Mr. Matthew Muncy(played by veteran actor Lew Ayres, who recently passed away), at the end of this complex episode. Muncy comes to visit as the brides are celebrating --the Bolts have given each of them an acre of land as a gift. Muncy, an old flame of Lottie's (and a con artist at love as well) starts lying to all the brides, convincing them to sell their land to him, convincing Lottie to sell half her interest in the saloon to him, and making Clancey terribly jealous, to boot. Clancey loses his boat to Muncy in an effort to help get the brides their land back-- and much much more. In an elaborate sting operation, Jason secures the aid of a territorial surveyor , and they trick Muncy regarding Seattle's actual value; Muncy the con man is out-conned. Moral: don't mess with Jason Bolt-- he'll win every time!

Air Date: 9-25-68
Writer: N. Richard Nash
Director: E.W. Swackhamer
Synopsis: The Bolt brothers (Jason, Joshua and Jeremy) bet their mountain that they can bring one hundred marriageable women back to Seattle and that those women will remain in Seattle for a year. In exchange, Aaron Stempel funds their expenses.
The Bolt brothers arrive in New Bedford, Massachusetts--a town that has a shortage of men thanks to the Civil War (and probably the whaling industry). After a persuasive speech by Jason, the women enlist for the trip. Jason Bolt finds an old mule boat --er, ship-- and arranges passage on it for the women, his brothers and himself with Captain Roland Francis Clancey. They arrive back in Seattle and have a roaring celebration.

NOTE: This episode evolved from a script that was originally intended to be a movie musical. Among the stars considered for the leads were Burt Lancaster and Shirley Jones.
The storyline is loosely based upon Seattle's history: in 1864-1866, Asa Shinn Mercer made two trips to Massachusetts to bring back women to help civilize Washington Territory.
It is NOT based upon "Seven Brides for Seven Brothers"

Air Date: 1-30-70
Synopsis: This episode is a real tour-de-force for actress Joan Blondell. Joshua and Jeremy visit the town of Clearwater to hire a man who can translate for their newly-hiredChinese workers. They find Stanhope(Ned Glass) for the job, and also meet up with Jack Crosse(Bob Cummings), Lottie's ex-husband. Back in Seattle, Lottie is not at all thrilled to see Jack. He has followed the Bolts and Stanhope back to Seattle, and he wants $5000. in cash ("a loan") from Lottie. He threatens (mysteriously )to go to San Fransisco to get the cash, if Lottie can't come up with it. This upsets her s great deal. Clancey is also upset (jealous) when he finds that Lottie was married before. Lottie now has a wonderful scene with Molly and Christopher, sadly trying to explain to them that "marriages sometimes die before you even know they're sick".... Candy intuitively suspects that Lottie has had children with Jack Crosse ,and that she is now is some kind of trouble. She tells Jason of this. Meanwhile, Lottie approaches Stempel for $5,000 ("to renovate the saloon")....he knows something is wrong, but gives her all the cash he has on hand, $2500. She adds her $300. is savings, and offers the total to Crosse, but it's not good enough for him. He prepares to leave for San Francisco, spending the night in Clancey's ship. Jason goes to him there, and accuses Crosse of blackmailing Lottie, although he still does not know why it's happening.He has no proof, and leaves Crosse, frustrated. The audience sees a shadowy figure board the ship, and later, Lottie. Clancey discovers Crosse's dead body the next morning on his ship.

Air Date: 1-16-70
Synopsis: Jeremy and Joshua are gambling at the Red Rose Saloon in Tacoma; they win the saloon itself, after Mr. Miles, the owner (Larry Linville) eggs them on to keep betting on the roulette wheel. The wheel is fixed; it’s a setup. Miles wants to lose the entire saloon to them because it is in terrible debt. The saloon is signed over to an ecstatic Jeremy and Josh, who of course are ignorant of the $10,000. debt. A very street-wise teenage orphan named Simon (Billy Mumy) , who has kept clear of the local orphanage and hung around the saloon for for years, leads the younger Bolts to realize that they’ve been hoodwinked.
Another Tacoma saloon owner, George Campbell (Julian Burton), agrees to buy up the saloon from them, but then demands immediate cash to cover the debt, or he will take 2/3 of Bridal Veil Mountain instead! To add to their woes, Mrs. Hobbs, the local orphanage owner, is going to bring the law down on Josh and Jeremy for "harboring a truant orphan". The three saloon workers from the Red Rose have quit, since they haven’t been paid in 6 months. Jason, Candy, Biddie and Clancey arrive. They pitch in to clean up the saloon , which has been wrecked by Campbell’s men. Jason is going to fight all this in court as soon as he finds out that the roulette wheel was fixed. Simon tells them that Cyrus, a washed-up drunk they have found in the saloon, was a great attorney once and that he’ll help them, if only they can sober him up! His first advice to them is to fix up the saloon to make it APPEAR to be a big money-maker; then go the local judge and get an extension on the repayment of the debt to Campbell. They can repay the debts by actually turning the saloon into a REAL money-maker, if all goes well. They have a grans opening, but no one comes...something was missing--the pretty saloon girls! Candy and Biddie agree to fill in the roles, and in addition, loggers brought in from Seattle fill the place up and suddenly it looks like it’s doing great business.Jason tricks Miles into coming back to ownership of the saloon...they tell him they’ve already paid off half the debt (not true), and that they’ll give him 50% of any profits ; Miles falls for it; Jason forces Miles to play the fixed roulette wheel in a "sting" operation; and Cyrus has already drawn up the legal papers to have the ownership revert back to Miles. It works. As a reward to Simon, the orphanage, which had also been part of the original "winnings" along with the saloon ,is deeded to him! Cyrus will serve as trustee of the place until Simon is of age. All’s well that ends well!

Air Date: 4-3-70

Air Date: 1-22-69
Synopsis: A friendly group of Indians living near Seattle and led by Wakando(Michael Ansara) make the generous offer of many fur pelts in trade for some brides. Jason tells them that this is impossible , but Wakando won't take no for an answer. The Indians abduct several brides that night (including Candy and a rather pleased Biddie), leaving the pelts as a trade.Jeremy is frantic, and the Bolts immediately set off to negotiate with Wakando, who will not budge, since the Indians, mysteriously, have no women . An elaborate hoax solves the problem, but Biddie was enjoying herself......!

Special Thanks to Mary Kessling for her above textual review of many of the listed episodes -- and to April Atkinson for permission to obtain the information from her official Bobby Sherman fan page.

For more information on Bobby, be sure to visit her official site.

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