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Sept. 24, 1968 - May 19, 1970


Lancer was a western series set in California during the 1870's.

Stories revolved around property owners taking on the locals.

Andrew Duggan played the part of Murdock Lancer who contacted his two sons from different marriages.

These sons had completely different backgrounds but learned to work together to help their father hold on to his property.

Lancer aired in reruns during the summer of 1971.


Cast Favorite Episodes Guest Stars

James Stacy
Andrew Duggan
Elizabeth Baur
Wayne Maunder
Paul Brinegar

1.   Black McGloins
2.   High Riders
3.   Blood Rock
4.   Chase A Wild Horse
5.   Yesterday's Vengeance
6.   Julie
7.   Shadow Of A Dead Man
8.   Jelly
9.   Chad
10. The Kid

Stefanie Powers
Jonathan Harris
Barry Williams
Ron Howard
Susan Strasberg
Joe Don Baker
Gordon Jump
Lloyd Haynes
Lynn Loring


Episodes Known To Be In Existence


High Riders  9/24/68

Blood Rock  10/1/68

The Lawman   10/22/68

Julie  10/29/68

Jelly   11/19/68

Black McGloins   1/21/69

Fix It Man   2/11/69



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