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 Law & Mr. Jones
Oct. 7, 1960 - Oct. 4, 1962



James Whitmore starred in this early 1960's law drama as Abraham Lincoln Jones.

Law cases generally did not involve murder like Perry Mason but instead dealt in fraud, embezzlement, taxes, & contracts.

The show was very well written and well acted by Whitmore.

The series aired at 10:30pm and did not attract much of an audience mainly because many viewers had gone to bed by this time.

The show actually was cancelled after one season but ABC got numerous letters requesting the show stay on the air so it made it to a second season.  Rating were still low after season two and the show was cancelled.

Cast Favorite Episodes Guest Stars

James Whitmore
Janet DeGore
Conlan Carter

1.   Man Who Wanted To Die
2.   Long Echo
3.   Reunion
4.   Christmas Is A Legal Holiday
5.   Music To Hurt By
6.   Lethal Weapons
7.   Exit
8.   Boy Who said No
9.   One For The Money
10. No Sale

Tom Bosley
John Larch
Frank Gorshin
Aneta Corsaut
Norman Fell
Harry Townes
Jonathan Harris
Barbara Bain
Sam Jaffe
Parley Baer


Episodes Known To Be In Existence


A Question Of Guilt   12/16/60

Christmas Is A Legal Holiday  12/23/60

Long Echo   12/30/60

The Trophy   1/13/61

Indian War   1/20/61

Exit   1/27/61

Lethal Weapons  2/17/61

Accidental Jeopardy   3/31/61



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