Feb. 23, 1971 - March 2, 1972



Mike Longstreet was a determined insurance agent who worked in New Orlleans.

During an investigation Longstreet suffered a injury that caused him to be blind and also he lost his wife as she was killed in the incident.

With the help of his dog Pax & his girl Friday Nikki Longstreet continued his work.

Bruce Lee appeared in a number of episodes assisting Longstreet and teaching him some of his martial arts techniques.

The Pilot episode for Longstreet aired in February of 1971 but the actual series didn't debut till the fall of 1971.


Cast Favorite Episodes Guest Stars

James Franciscus
Peter Mark Richman
Marlyn Mason
Bruce Lee


1.   Sound of Money Talking
2.   A World Of Perfect Complicity
3.   This Little Piggy Went To Marquette
4.   Shape Of Nightmares
5.   Field of Honor
6.   One In The Reality Column
7.   Through Shattering Glass
8.   Old Team Spirit
9.   Wednesday's Child
10. Anatomy Of A Mayday

Johnny Haymer
James Broderick
Tyne Dailey
Shelley Fabares
Tim O'Connor
Marion Ross
Madelyn Rhue
Peter Haskell
Susan Oliver
Claude Akins

Episodes Known To Be In Existence


Way Of The Intercepting Pass  9/16/71

A World Of perfect Complicity   9/23/71

One In The Reality Column   9/30/71

So Who's Fred Hornbeck   10/7/71

Elegy In Brass   10/14/71

Spell Legacy Like Death   10/21/71

Girl With A Broom   11/4/71

Wednesday's Child   11/11/71

I See Said The Blind Man   11/18/71

This Little Piggy Went To Marquette   12/2/71

There Was A Crooked Man   12/9/71

Old Team Spirit   12/16/71

Long Way Home   12/30/71

Please Leave The Wreck For Others To Enjoy    1/27/72

Anatomy Of A Mayday   2/3/72

Sad Songs & Other Conversations   2/10/72

Field Of Honor   2/17/72

Through Shattering Glass   2/24/72

Sound Of Making Money   3/2/72



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