The Magician
March 17, 1973 - April 15, 1974


Bill Bixby just after a successful run on the Courtship Of Eddie's Father appeared in this Adventure/Drama/Sci-Fi series called The Magician.

Bixby starred as Tony Blake a master stage magician who used his magic skills to help others.

Tony Blake got himself mixed up in all sorts of situations such as the hijacking of a ship, casino robberies, & a stolen Chinese heirloom.

The Magician first aired in March of 1973 with a 90 minute Pilot but didn't return until the fall schedule.

Despite the show being well written & produced and Bill Bixby doing a fine job along with many top guest stars, the competition against Hawaii Five O was too great and the show cancelled after just one season.


Cast Favorite Episodes Guest Stars

Bill Bixby
Keene Curtis
Jim Watkins
Todd Crespi

1.   Man Who Lost Himself
2.   Illusion Of Evil Spikes
3.   Illusion Of The Stainless Steel Lady
4.   Nightmare In Steel
5.   Vanishing Lady
6.   Ovation For Murder
7.   Shattered Image
8.   Illusion Of Black Gold
9.   Illusion Of The Cat's Eye
10. Lightning On A Dry Day

Christopher Stone
Carol Lynley
William Shatner
Anthony Eisley
Yvonne Craig
Joe Flynn
Susan Oliver
Lloyd Bochner
MacDonald Carey
Marlyn Mason
Brenda Benet


Episodes Known To Be In Existence


Pilot Episode  3/17/73

Manhunters   10/2/73

Vanishing Lady    10/9/73

Illusion In Terror    10/23/73

Ovation For Murder   11/6/73

Man On Fire   11/20/73

Lady In A Trap  11/27/73

Man Who Lost Himself   12/11/73

Nightmare In Steel   12/18/73

Shattered Image   1/8/74

Illusion Of The Curious Counterfeit   Pt. 11/14/74

Illusion Of The Curious Counterfeit  Pt. 2   1/21/74

Illusion Of The Stainless Steel Lady   1/28/74

Illusion Of The Queen's Gambit   2/4/74

Illusion Of Black Gold  2/11/74

Illusion Of The Lost Dragon   2/18/74

Illusion Of The Deadly Conglomerate   2/25/74

Illusion Of The Fatal Arrow   3/4/74

Illusion Of The Lethal Playthings   3/18/74

Illusion Of The Cat's Eye   3/25/74




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