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 Marcus Welby M.D.
September 23, 1969 - May 4, 1976





In 1969 Robert Young came back to Prime Time Television in one of the best Medical Dramas of all time Marcus Welby M.D.

This series teamed up Dr. Welby with a young Dr. Kiley who handled all types of cases and dealt with issues of the day.

The series appealed to young & old alike as adults remembered Robert Young from Father Knows Best & the teen crowd really liked James Brolin as Dr. KIley.


Cast Favorite Episodes Guest Stars

Robert Young
James Brolin
Elena Verdugo
Pamela Hensley
Anne Baxter
Sharon Gless
Gavin Brendan
Anne Scheeden

1. Fun & Games & Michael Ambrose
2. Chemistry Of Hope
3. Tender Comrade
4. Madonna With A Knapsack & Flute
5. Daisy In The Shadows
6. A Passing Of Torches
7. Ask Me Again Tomorrow
8. Heartbeat For Yesterday
9. Gemini Descending
10. Day After Forever

David Cassidy
Barry Williams
Darlene Carr
Maureen McCormick
Pernell Roberts
Susan Clark
Ruta Lee
James Doohan
Suzanne Pleshette
Diana Hyland


Episodes Known To Be In Existence


Hello Goodbye Hello 9/23/69

The Foal 9/30/69

Don't Ignore The Miracles 10/7/69

Silken Threads & Golden Hooks 10/14/69

All Flags Flying 10/21/69

Echo Of A Baby's Laugh 10/28/69

White Cane 11/4/69

Vrahnas Demon 11/11/69

Madonna With A Knapstick & Flute 11/18/69

Homecoming 11/25/69

Let Ernest Come Over 12/16/69

Chemistry Of Hope 12/16/69

Neither Punch Nor Judy 12/23/69

Soft Phrase Of Peace 1/6/70

Fun & Games & Michael Ambrose 1/13/70

The Legacy 1/27/70

Dance To No Music 2/3/70

Daisy In The Shadows 10/27/70

Girl From Rainbow Beach 11/17/70

Aura To A New Tomorrow 11/24/70

Brave On A Mountain Top 12/22/70

A Passing Of Torches 1/26/71

A Woman's Place 2/2/71

Cynthia 2/23/71

Don't Be A Kidor 3/2/71

The Windfall 3/23/71

Tender Comrade 9/14/71

Ask Me Again Tomorrow 10/26/71

All The Pretty People 1/25/72

Heartbeat For Yesterday 12/12/72

A Necessary End 1/9/73

Gemini Descending 1/23/73

Catch A Ring That Isn't There 2/6/73

Working Heart 2/13/73

Day After Forever 2/27/73

Blood Kin 10/2/73

Light At The Threshold 10/9/73

Endless Moment 10/30/73

A Full Life 1/8/74



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