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Sept. 16, 1967 - Feb. 10, 1968


Jay North, known for his role as Dennis The Menace returned to network television in 1967 in this adventure series set in Asia.

North played Terry Bowen & joins forces with an Indian boy & his elephant named Maya.

Terry Bowen is searching for his father who is presumed dead.

Stories revolve around Terry & his friend Raji played by Sajid Khan in their search for Terry's father.
In each episode Terry & Raji must stay away from the Indian police because they believe that Maya is a stolen elephant.

The scenery is beautiful in this series but the cost of production was very high.

This series aired on Saturday Night and it was up against the Jackie Gleason Show and it had poor ratings and was cancelled mid season.

This series is considered a cult favorite.


Cast Favorite Episodes Guest Stars

Jay North
Sajid Khan

1.   Demon Of Kalamemi
2.   Natira
3.   Caper Of The Golden Roe
4.   Son Of Gammu Ghat
5.   Twilight Of Empire
6.   Mirrcans Magic Circus
7.   Tiger Boy
8.   Root Of Evil
9.   Legend Of Whitney Markham
10. The Witness

No Notable Guest Stars In This Series


Episodes Known To Be In Existence


Blood Of the Tiger  9/16/67

Alpha Conspiracy  9/23/67

Tiger Boy   10/7/67

Caper of The Golden Roe   10/14/67

Twilight Of Empire   10/21/67

Will the Real Prince Please Get Lost   10/28/67

Demon of Kalememi    11/4/67

Khandur Uprising   11/18/67

Root of Evil   12/2/67

Deadly Passage   12/9/67

Natira  12/23/67

Mirrcan's Magic Circus   1/6/68

Treasure Temple   1/20/68

Ransom Of Raji   1/27/68

The Witness   2/3/68

Legend Of Whitney Markham   2/10/68



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