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Owen Marshall Counselor At Law
September 16, 1971 - August 24, 1974


Episodes Known To Be In Existence

Burden of Proof     12/2/71

The Triangle     12/30/71

Shine A Little Light On Me     2/3/72

Words Of Summer    9/14/72

Hour Of Judgement    10/5/72

Five Will Get You Sox  10/28/72

Charlie Gave Me Your Number    11/16/72

An Often & Familiar Ghost    1/4/73

Seed Of Doubt  1/24/73

They've Got To Blame Somebody    2/14/73

A Girl Named Tham     3/14/73

A Lesson In Loving    9/12/73

Pool House   9/26/73

Secret Harvest      10/3/73

The Camerons Are A Special Clan    10/24/73

Child Of Wednesday     11/28/73

The Prowler     12/12/73

Etude For A Kidnapper     1/2/74

House Of Friends    1/19/74

Subject the Sterilization Of Judy Simpson  2/16/74

Desperation Of Keith Ryder    3/30/74



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