June 3, 1961 - September 1, 1963


Cast Top Episodes Guest Stars
Larry Pennell
Ken Curtis
Paul Conti
Shug Fisher
Lyle Cameron
Grant Woods
Howard Curtis
Ken Drake
Leigh Hunt
Michael McMasters
Para Nurse
Proud Little Man
Hostage Below
Desperate Choice
Million Dollar Drop
Picture Of Terror
Ransom Drop
Sentence Of Death
Human Kind
Crime Jump
John Zaremba
William Boyett
Whit Bissell
Russell Johnson
Denver Pyle
Susan Silo
Edward Platt
Stu Erwin
Marlyn Mason
John Considine

Ripcord Episode Guide

Season 1 Season 2
The Skydiver
Flight To Terror
Crime  Jump
Air Carnival
The Condemned
Millionaire Doctor
Sierra Jump
Ransom Drop
Log Jam
Human Kind
High Jeopardy
The Financier
The Silver Cord
Last Chance
Double Drop
Desperate Choice
Mile High Triangle
Jungle Survival
Hagan Charm
Helicopter race
Para Nurse
Colorado Jump
Top Secret
One For The Money
Sentence Of Death
Elegy For A Hero
Cougar Mesa
Chuting Stars
Death Camp
Radar Rescue
Diplomatic Mission
Hurricane Charlie
Counter Attack
The Hunter
Aeirial Backfire
Race Morgan Bounty Hunter
Panic At 10,000
Hostage Below
Among Those Missing
Flight To Terror
Day Of The Hunter
The Losers
A Present For Felipe
Devil's Canyon
Money Mine
Lost Ones
Last Chapter
Run Joby Run
Wrong Way Down
A Free Falling Star
Lost Tribe
Chute To Kill
The Well
Trouble With Denny Collins
Final Jump
Picture Of Terror
The Inventor
Jump To A Blind Alley
Jump To Die
Jump To Freedom
Man On A Mountain
Suicide Club
Million Dollar Drop
Flight For Life
Proud Little Man
Semper Paratus Any Time
Where Do Elephants Go To Die

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