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September 9, 1975 - August 20, 1978



Episodes Known To Be In Existence

Late Show Murders     9/16/75

Old Diamond Game     9/23/75

Stung From Beyond    9/30/75

Kiss Of Death  11/25/75

Death By Resurrection   12/2/75

Through The Past Deadly    12/16/75

Walking Bomb     1/6/76

Ain't Nobody Here Named Barney    1/13/76

One Of Our Zeppelins Is Missing     2/10/76

Before The Holocaust    2/17/76

Big Deal In Paradise    2/24/76

Case Of The Purloined Case     3/2/76

Girl On The Golden Stamp    3/16/76

Round Up The Usual Suspects    3/23/76

Death Squad   4/6/76

Pirates Of Tin Pan Alley   9/21/76

The Snitch    1/16/77

Eyewitness    1/23/77

Three For The Money    3/16/77

Dancer   12/5/77

Go For Broke   12/12/77

Blue Crusaders Reunion   5/5/78

The Cage   6/25/78


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