Accidental Family
September 15, 1967 - January 5, 1968


Jerry Webster - Jerry Van Dyke
Sue Kramer - Lois Nettleton
Sandy Webster - Teddy Quinn
Tracy Kramer - Susan Benjamin
Ben McGrath - Ben Blue
Marty Warren - Larry D. Mann 

Nightclub comedian and widower Jerry Webster tries to raise his young son, Sandy, while trying to keep up with his performing engagements. To do this, he purchases a San Fernando Valley farm as a home for his son and as a part-time home for himself between stand-up gigs.

Farm manager / divorce Sue Kramer and her daughter Tracy are added to the mix, with Sue acting as governess for Sandy (often to Jerry's annoyance).

Episodes Known To Be In Existence

Everywhere A Chick Chick    9/15/67

If You Knew Martha   10/6/67

It Hurts Me More Than  It Hurts You    10/20/67

Making Of A Vegetarian    11/3/67

What Is This Thanksgiving Or A Nightmare    11/24/67

The Woodsmen    12/1/67

Return of Mr. Ex    12/8/67

Sandy Gets Tough    12/29/67




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