Amazing Spiderman
April 19, 1978 - July 6, 1979

Adventure (1978)

Spider-Man / Peter Parker - Nicholas Hammond
J. Jonah Jameson - Robert F. Simon
Capt. Barbara - Michael Pataki
Rita Conway - Chip Fields
Julie - Ellen Bry (second season)

In 1977, the character was brought to television by executive producers Dan Goodman and Charles Fries as a two-hour film. The Spider Man film did so well in the ratings that CBS commissioned the producers to develop it into a short-run series for the spring of 1978.

The Amazing Spider Man series fast-forwarded a bit from the origin story, picking up Peter Parker's life as a college student and as a photographer for the Daily Bugle. Unfortunately, with a limited TV budget, Spider-Man usually followed the route of TV's The Incredible Hulk, downplaying the colorful supervillains of the comic books in favor of non-supernatural, human antagonists.

The series did well, but did not become a full-time series because network executives at CBS thought having two full-time superhero series (The Incredible Hulk and Wonder Woman) was enough. Seven more episodes were filmed and aired as individual specials between the fall of 1978 and the summer of 1979. An additional character, photographer Julie Mason, was added for these episodes.



Episodes Known To Be In Existence
(listed in alphabetical order):

Air Date: 9-5-78
Guests: David Sheiner, Todd Susman, Fred Lerner, Warren Vanders, Barry Cutler, Ed Sancho-Bonet
Synopsis: When $10 million is stolen from the safe of a newly constructed, computer controlled building, the thieves program the computer to lock down the building. Spider-Man must free the occupants and catch the thieves.

Air Date: 7-5-79 (2-hour episode)
Guests: Benson Fong, Rosalind Chao, Richard Erdman, Hagan Beggs, John Milford, Myron Healy
Synopsis: In order to keep his job, Min Lo Chan, China's Minister of Industrial Development, ventures to America in search of three U. S. Marines that can clear his name. Standing in his way is a wealthy American industrialist whose plans for a large steel contract hinge on Chan's failure.

Air Date: 4-19-78
Guests: Theodore Bikel, Adrienne LaRussa, Byron Webster David Ralphe
Synopsis: A religeous cult from Kalistan protests when a statue of their god, Rava, is on display at the museum. Spider-Man must face the cult leader, Mandak, who has telekinetic powers.

Air Date: 4-12-78
Guests: JoAnna Cameron, Robert Alda, Randy Powell, Simon Scott, Anne Bloom, Steven N. Anderson, Sid Clute, Herbert S. Braha, Richard Kyker
Synopsis: In protest of plutonium being stored at the university, a small group of students steal it and build an atomic bomb to prove that it can be done. After an "entrepreneur" learns the location of the bomb and steals it, Spider-Man must track it down and disable it.

Air Date: 5-3-78
Guests: Alejandro Rey, Barbara Luna, Madeline Stowe, Harold Sakata, Michael Marselios, Lachelle Price, Bob Minor, Donna Hansen
Synopsis: When the daughter of the President of Tavilia participates in the Miss Galaxy Pageant, she is kidnapped by a rival family in order to force the president to relinquish power to them.

Air Date: 12-30-78
Guests: Marlyn Mason, Peter MacLean, Paul Carr, Peggy McCay, Del Monroe
Synopsis: A widow is haunted by the spirit of her late husband, who tells her to donate his estate to a private organization which investigates paranormal phenomenon. Jameson, being a friend of the family and knowing Parker is a graduate student in physics, asks Parker to investigate.

Air Date: 9-12-78
Guests: Nicolas Coster, John Crawford, Michael Santiago, James Victor
Synopsis: During the theft of some NATO defense plans at the airport, Julie Masters inadvertently takes a picture of one of the thieves. When they go after Julie, Spider-Man must protect her while trying to recover the stolen plans.

Air Date: 2-7-79
Guests: Geoffrey Lewis, Charles Haid, Kenneth O'Brien, Jennifer Billingsley, Milt Kogan, Ed Walsh, Davis Roberts, Livia Genise, Chip Johnson, Wendy Oates
Synopsis: Parker suspects he is being used to frame an innocent person when he develops an incriminating photograph he didn't take. He is then jailed for contempt when he doesn't turn the photo over to the police.

Air Date: 4-19-77
Guests: Hilly Hicks, Lisa Eilbacher, Dick Balduzzi, Jeff Donnell, Robert Hastings, Barry Cutler, Thayer David, Ivory Francis
Synopsis: Graduate student and part time photographer, Peter Parker acquires spider-like abilities after being bitten by a radioactive spider. He then uses his new abilities to foil the plan of a cult leader who uses a mind control machine to force good people to rob banks for him.

Air Date: 2-21-79
Guests: Gaven O'Herlihy, Wil Seltzer, Allan Arbus
Synopsis: When a Sorgenson Chemical representative discovers a mind control drug works, he uses it on the students developing it.



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