Betty White Show
September 12, 1977 - January 2, 1978

Joyce Whitman - Betty White
John Elliott - John Hillerman
Mitzi Maloney - Georgia Engel
Tracey Garrett - Caren Kaye
Doug Porterfield - Alex Henteloff
Fletcher Huff - Barney Phillips
Hugo Muncy - Charles Cyphers

Fresh off the Mary Tyler Moore show Betty White & Georgia Engel appeared in this 30 minute sitcom called The Betty White Show.

This show was a spoof of a television series called "Undercover Woman".

Betty White plays Joyce Whitman, an actress whose career had been on the decline was offered the lead role in the Tv series.  What she didn't realize is that her ex-husband John Elliott played by John Hillerman was the director.

Most of the episodes revolve around the set of the fictitious series "Undercover Woman".

The beautiful Caren Kaye plays detective Tracey Garrett and is Joyce Whitman's partner.

The show was very short lived but is considered a cult classic and is very popular among visitors to


Episodes Known To Be In Existence

Undercover Police Woman   9/12/77

Mitzi's Cousin   9/19/77

Make Yourself At Home & Steal Something    9/26/77

Doug Gets Fired    10/3/77

We're Not Divorced   Pt. 1   10/10/77

We're Not Divorced  Pt. 2   10/17/77

Mitzi's Jealousy    10/24/77

Joyce's Wedding   12/12/77

Fletcher's Decision    12/26/77




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