B.J. & The Bear
October 4, 1978  - May 9, 1981


B.J. McCay was a good-looking young trucker who traveled around the country in his big red and white rig, with a single companion, his chimp Bear. 

Although he logged a lot of miles, B.J. was based in rural Georgia, where he was confronted by a succession of corrupt local sheriffs - Elroy P. Lobo, followed by Sgt. Wiley of Winslow County and his two fellow lawmen, Sheriffs Cain and Masters.   

The only honest cop B.J. seemed to encounter was the Fox, who spent much of her time trying to trap the crooked local cops. 

Tommy was a lady trucker friend of B.J.'s and Bullets ran the local hangout, the Country Comfort Truck Stop.

Every episode of B.J. & the Bear was full of beautiful woman including Judy Landers, Barbara Horan, Sherilyn Wolter & others.

There were many guest stars that appeared on B.J. & the Bear and some of the cast from Sheriff Lobo crossed over. 


Cast Favorite Episodes Guest Stars

Greg Evigan
Claude Akins
Conchata Ferrell
Murray Hamilton
Judy Landers
Barbara Horan
Eric Server
Ed Lauter
Mills Watson
Richard Deacon

1.   Blonde In A Gilded Cage
2.   Bear Bondage
3.   Seige
4.   B.J. & The Witch
5.   Intercepted Pass
6.   Shine On
7.   For Adults Only
8.   The Foundlings
9.   Friendly Double Cross
10. Cain's Cruiser

Erin Gray
Ted Danson
Dana Elcar
Bubba Smith
Edd Byrnes
Dick Butkus
Paul Williams
Rosemary DeCamp
Diana Muldaur
Christina Hart


B.J. & The Bear - Pilot

B.J. & The Bear - B.J. & The Witch




Episodes Known To Be In Existence

The Foundlings  10/4/78

Odyssey Of The Shady Truth  2/10/79

Shine On  2/24/79

A Coffin With A View  3/10/79

Deadly Cargo  3/17/79

Never Give A Trucker An Even Break  3/24/79

Lobo's Revenge  4/7/79

Murphy Contingent  4/14/79

Wheels Of Fortune  4/21/79

Crackers  4/28/79

Lobo  5/5/79

Snow White & The Seven Lady Truckers Pt. 1   9/29/79

Snow White & The Seven Lady Truckers Pt. 2   10/6/79

Cain's Cruiser  10/13/79

Pogo Lil  10/20/79

Cain's Son In Law  10/27/79

Run For The Money Pt. 1  11/3/79

Eyes Of Texas  11/10/79

Mary Ellen  11/17/79

Gasohol  11/24/79

B.J.'s Sweethearts  12/1/79

Fly A Wild Horse  12/8/79

Silent Night Unholy Night  12/15/79

Fire In The Hole  1/12/80

Seige  1/19/80

Through The Past Darkly  1/26/80

Bear Bondage  2/2/80

B.J. & The Witch  2/9/80

The Good The Bad & The Beautiful   2/16/80

Girls Of Hollywood High  2/23/80

18 Wheel Rip Off  3/22/80

A Friendly Double Cross  3/29/80

B.J. & The Seven Lady Truckers Pt. 1  1/13/81

B.J. & The Seven Lady Truckers Pt. 2   1/13/81

The Fast & The Furious Pt. 1   1/20/81

The Fast & The Furious Pt. 2    1/27/81

Intercepted Pass  2/3/81

Down & Dirty  2/10/81

Beauties & The Beasst  2/17/81

Blonde In A Gilded Cage  3/3/81

For Adults Only  3/10/81

A Bear In The Hand  3/17/81

Seven Lady  Captives  3/24/81

Stunt  3/31/81

Who Is B.J.?  4/25/81

Detective Finger I Presume  5/2/81

Two Million Dollar Hustle   5/9/81






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