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Breaking Point
September 16, 1963 - April 27, 1964



Episodes Known To Be In Existence

Fire & Ice  9/30/63

There Are The Hip & There Are The Square  10/14/63

Bull Roarer  10/21/63

A Pelican In The Wilderness  11/4/63

And James Was A Very Small Snail  11/11/63

Whatsoever Things I Hear  11/18/63

Heart Of Marble Body Of Stone  12/23/63

Don't Cry Baby Don't Cry   12/30/63

A Little Anger Is A Good Thing  1/6/64

And If Thy Hand Offend Thee  1/13/64

Better Than A Dead Lion  1/20/64

So Many Pretty Girls So Little Time  2/17/64

Tides Of Darkness  3/2/64

Shadow Of A Starless Night   3/16/64

My Hands Are Clean  4/27/64

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