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Check Your Website's Ranking

I would imagine that most of you are unaware that your website actually has a numerical ranking.

Websites just like Radio & TV Stations have rankings.  

Alexa.com is the most popular website ranking service.

Go to www.alexa.com

Type in your website url and see where you rank.

If your website is between 1 & 1 Million you are doing ok.

Above 1 million your website is under performing.

If it says "No Rank" then nobody is visiting your site.


What do these numbers mean and how do they affect my business?

If you plan on making money every day from your website you had better be in the 10,000 - 250,000 range on Alexa.com

The most important thing you can do for your website is to get a high ranking, when this happens you'll have more traffic coming to your site and search engines will find you better.

A smart thing to do is to download the Alexa Toolbar, this way you can always see where your website is ranked and you can see the ranking of any website you visit.  You should also visit your competitors website to see where they rank.

Contact us here at TVofyourlife, we are not just experts in Classic TV, we are experts at getting your website rankings to improve.

If you have a business website your goal should always be to reach at the 100,000 level.

E-mail TVofyourlife.com General Mgr. Bob Benedik to find out how you can improve your rankings.


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