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Dobie Gillis
 Season One
Dvd Review

Dobie Gillis was the story of teenage boy who had 2 goals in life...Dating Pretty Girls and Making Money.

Season One starts out with Dobie & Maynard rigging a contest, Maynard gets drafted, Dobie kidnaps a rival school's mascot and Dobie runs run Jr. Class President.

Our favorite episodes included Caper At the Bijou, Flying Millicans, Put Your Feet In Our Hands, Prettiest Collateral In Town and Taken To The Cleaners.

Guest Stars in Season One included Yvonne Craig, Ryan O'Neal, Marlo Thomas, Ronny Howard, Herbert Anderson and others.

Dobie Gillis was one of the best sitcoms of the late 50's, we are happy to see that Shout Factory is now offering these shows in a single season format.

Dobie Gillis
 Season One

TVofYourLife.com Gives This DVD A 6.5 On A 10 Scale

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