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Dobie Gillis
 Season Two
Dvd Review

Dobie Gillis Season Two started out with Maynard finding an abandon baby, Maynard has Esp as he predicts the winner of the Presidential Election between Kennedy and Nixon, and Maynard finds a purse full of money.

In Season Two there were many episodes with Zelda Gilroy trying to latch on to Dobie.

Our favorite episodes included The Day The Teachers Disappeared, Drag Strip Dobie, Dobie Plays Cupid,  Maynard G Krebs Boy Millionaire and Dobie Goes Beatnik.

Guest Stars in Season Two included Jane Dulo, Joyce Jameson, John Banner, Jo Anne Worley , Jack Albertson and others..

Bob Denver who played Maynard G Krebs went on to play Gilligan in Gilligan's Island for 4 years on Cbs after Dobie Gillis went off the air.

Dobie Gillis
 Season Two

TVofYourLife.com Gives This DVD A 7.0 On A 10 Scale

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