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Doctor In The House
July 12, 1969 - April 4, 1991

Dr. Michael Upton (1969-1972) - Barry Evans
Dr. Duncan Waring - Robin Nedwell
Dr. Dick Stuart-Clark - Geoffrey Davies
Professor Geoffrey Loftus - Ernest Clark
The Dean - Ralph Michael
Paul Collier - George Layton
Huw Evans - Martin Shaw
Dave Briddock - Simon Cuff
Danny Hooley - Jonathan Lynn
Dr. Bingham - Richard O'Sullivan
Nurses: Donna Reading, Sammie Winmill, Siobhan Quinlan, Madeline Smith

The "Doctor In The House" series follows the misadventures of the Medical personnel at St Swithin's Teaching Hospital in London.

The three principals were newly arrived and youthful Dr. Michael Upton, his newfound friend Duncan Waring, and perpetual malingerer Dick Stuart-Clark. Their nemesis was the crochety and ever put-upon Professor Loftus. The buys were constantly in trouble, whether hatching schemes or pranks, throwing up in anatomy class, or chasing the shapely nurses who populated St. Swithin's.

"Doctor In The House" was originally a series of books popular in England in the early 105-s. The author, a newly graduated and bored Dr. Richard Gordon, wrote the first while he was a ship's doctor on a cargo vessel en rout to Australia. The books led to a hugely successful British series of movies starring Dirk Bogarde, and, around 170, to a London Weekend Television network series which became a national craze.

Episodes Known To Be In Existence
(listed in alphabetical order -- no further episode info is currently available):

Air Date: 7-26-69
Guests: Ursula Barclay, Winifred Bracemar, Patrick Connor, Edna Doré, Peter Greene, Rose Howlett, Diana Johnson, Martin Miller, Grace Newcombe, Arnold Peters, Joy Stewart

Air Date: 7-19-69
Writers: Graeme Garden & Bill Oddie
Director: David Askey
Guest: Julia Foster
Synopsis: On his first days at St Swithin's, Michael Upton l;ooks forward to meeting the new birds. He befriends a girl named Alice, and they both lead the other students to believe they spent the night together

Air Date: 8-9-69
Guests: Kurt Chrsitian, Rosemary McHale, Fred McNaughton, Raymond Platt, Jimmy Winston

Air Date: 7-12-69
Writers: John Cleese & Graham Chapman
Director: David Askey
Guests: Peter Bathurst, Michael Burrell, Michael Earl, Mike Grady, Michael N. Harbour, Fraser Kerr, Jeanne Mockford, George Moon, Totti Truman Taylor, Sidney Vivian, Elizabeth Archer
Synopsis: Michael Upton wants to be a doctor at St Swithin's Hospital. First, however, he needs the approval of the much feared Professor Loftus. Once approved, he meets with fellow Students Duncan Waring and Veteran Student Dick Stuart Clarke

The two series of "Doctor In The House" are now available to pre-order on the British Amazon.com On DVD (region 2)

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