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Remembering Don Grady

The actor best known for his role of Robbie Douglas on the long running series My Three Sons has died.  Don Grady was 68 years old and passed away from cancer.

Grady started his career appearing on the Mickey Mouse Club back in the 1950's.

In 1960 he was cast as the middle son on My Three Sons.  After Tim Consodine left in the mid 60's he was the oldest of the three sons and Barry Livingston joined the cast as Ernie Douglas.

The character of Robbie Douglas was considered pretty cool then and many teens could relate to this character.  He played Robbie Douglas until the final season.

In later seasons he joined the military, got married & had triplets to take care of.  He played Robbie Douglas until the final season.

Prior to My Three Sons Don Grady appeared as a guest star on The Rifleman, Ann Southern Show, Restless Gun, Law Of The Plainsman & Zane Gray Theater.

In the mid 60's Grady appeared on The Lucy Show, Mr. Novak & The Eleventh Hour.

Grady always had an interest in music and was a member of the group Yellow Balloon who had a song called Yellow Balloon in 1967.

During the 1960's Don Grady appeared on music shows American Bandstand, Where The Action Is, and Hollywood A Go Go.

When My Three Sons was cancelled he appeared as a guest star on Love American Style, To Rome With Love, The F.B.I. The Merv Griffin Show and Simon & Simon in the 1980's.

In recent years Don Grady appeared in a Las Vegas show with David Cassidy and Rick Springfield.

Doris Singleton who played Polly's mother in the last season of My Three Sons has also died, she was 92.


Don Grady on Hollywood A Go Go




Don Grady & Tina Cole On You Don't Say  1969



Don Grady On Law Of The Plainsman



My Three Sons - Robbie & The Slave Girl  1966



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