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Edward Andrews
October 9, 1914 - March 8, 1985



Edward Andrews was one of the finest character actors during the eras of the 1950's - 1980's.

Andrews usually sneaky or cunning type roles and was terrific in all of them

His only role in a regular series was in the mid 1960's military sitcom Broadside.

In the early 60's he appeared as a guest star on The Untouchables, Route 66, Dr. Kildare, Cain's Hundred Thriller, Naked City, Ben Casey and others.

In 1964 he had one of his best appearances in The Twilight Zone episode You Drive.  In this episode he hit a boy on a bicycle and left the scene.   Toward the end of the episode his car drove him to the police station so he could turn himself in.

In 1967 Edward Andrews appeared on the Andy Griffith Show as a professor who's wife had just died and he tried to make Aunt Bee a copy of his old wife

In 1973 he played a mafia boss on The New Dick Van Dyke Show, this episode was pretty intense for a sitcom.

One of his final roles was playing Jack Tripper's Grandfather on Three's Company where Jack pretended to be a doctor.


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