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Eight Is Enough
March 15, 1977 - August 29, 1981

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Tom Bradford - Dick Van Patten
Joan Bradford - Diana Hyland
Sandra Sue Abbot "Abby" Bradford - Betty Buckley
Nicholas Bradford - Adam Rich
Tommy Bradford - Willie Aames
Elizabeth Bradford - Connie Needham (Newton)
Susan Bradford - Susan Richardson
Nancy Bradford - Dianne Kay
Joannie Bradford - Laurie Walters
Mary Bradford - Lani O'Grady
David Bradford - Grant Goodeve
Dr. Greg Maxwell - Michael Thoma
Daisy Maxwell - Virginia Vincent
Donna - Jennifer Darling
Merle "The Pearl" Stockwell - Brian Patrick Clarke
Janet Bradford - Joan Prather
Ernie Fields - Michael Goodrow
Jeremy Andretti - Ralph Macchio

This series, based on the book Eight Is Enough by Thomas Braden, focused on a family with eight very independent children, aged 8 to 23. 

The father, Tom, was a newspaper columnist for the Sacramento Register, and Joan was his wife of 25 years. 

 The death of actress Diana Hyland during production of the 1977 episodes forced major changes, as Hyland had only completed four shows.

  Later, with the help of Doc Maxwell, widower Tom set about keeping order among his large brood while re-entering the singles world. 

 He soon found Abby, a school-teacher whom he eventually married.


Episodes Known To Be In Existence
(listed in alphabetical order -- no further episode info is currently available):

Air Date: 11-27-78
Guests: Dennis Patrick, Louise Latham, Bryan O'Byrne, Fredric Lehne, John Miranda, Tom Henschel, Jed Mills, Patrick Gorman, Rene Levant
Synopsis: Abby's parents are flying in from Pasadena for Thanksgiving.Nicholas is surprised when the Vice-President accepts his invitation to Thanksgiving dinner with the Bradfords. He picks the Bradfords as American's typical family. Tommy puts a deposit on a used car.

Air Date: 11-23-77
Writer: Marion Hargrove
Guests: J.R. Miller, Joe Bratcher, Jonathan La Page
Synopsis: Abby coordinates Spring cleaning at the Bradford house.
Mary is upset when the son of Tom's friend comes to Sacramento to open an army recuriting office on campus, which does not please her liberal anti-war feelings. Over the course of time they learn to respect each other's beliefs. Tom gets the wrong idea when he spots Mary and Richard in a hug. Tommy helps Nicholas deal with a school bully. Another of Tommy's money making schemes backfires.

Air Date: 12-6-78
Guests: Kristine DeBell, Michelle Stacy, Jennifer Darling, Michael Thoma, Kristine DeBell, Dan Monahan, Virginia Vincent
Synopsis: Tired of not having time to themselves, Tom and Abby conspire to get rid of the kids so they can spent the weekend alone.They send the kids camping for the weekend.
Susan brings a nine year old girl home from the day care center. Tommy gets a date with a popular girl at school.

Air Date: 10-29-80
Guests: Joan Prather, Brian Patrick Clarke, Victoria Racimo, Richard Hill, Jeffrey Bryon, Stephanie Braxton, Noah Hathaway, Michael Thoma, Ted Noose, Belle Ellig, Jane Booke, Kevin Schultz, Colleen Case, Marke W. Burke, Lea Catucci, Edna Zahl, Peggy Frees, Ken Wright, Shirley Merchant
Synopsis: Nicholas and Tom start boy scouts and Nicholas volunteers Tom to be the assistant scout master.
Elizabeth considers moving in with her boyfriend. Susan keeps her pregnancy problems from Merle when his career takes a leap forward.

Air Date: 10-29-80
Guests: Joan Prather, Brian Patrick Clarke, Victoria Racimo, Richard Hill, Jeffrey Bryon, Stephanie Braxton, Noah Hathaway, Michael Thoma
Synopsis: Abby feels guilty when an auto accident sends Susan into premature labor. Merle is playing ball with the Mets and Tom and Nicholas are camping when Susan goes into labor. Complications in Susan's pregnancy shake the Bradford household. Elizabeth comes to terms with her living arrangement. Sandra Sue, named after Abby's real first names, is born to Susan and Merle.

Air Date: 1-11-78
Guests: Leonard Frey, John David Carson, Jay Gerber, Jennifer Darling, Michael Thoma, Julie Parsons, Dante Deandre, Danny Meehan
Synopsis: With Abby's encouragement, Tom takes a leave of absence to pursue the dream of writing a book about his family. He can't get it published the norman way, but has a special issue done for each member of the family.
David goes on a double date with Nancy and they come home with different stories of the same night.

Air Date: 11-2-77
Guests: Michael Baldwin, Kevin Cassidy, David Agress
Synopsis: Joannie agrees to do a nude scene in a shakespearean play and is relives when Tom says he can't make it to the show, or so it goes. Abby's former father-in-law visits and she is hesitant to introuduce him to Tom and tell him about her plans to marry him. David arranges for Tom to buy an engagement ring for Abby through a friend at work, but it turns out to be too hot to handle.

Air Date: 2-7-79
Guests: Joan Prather, Rosanna Arquette, Tracey Gold, Missy Gold, Martin Azarow, Jeffrey Cotler, Adam Start
Synopsis: Tommy offers to marry a pregnant friend who was a girl, Lori, even though he's not the father of her baby. The Bradfords rally to support Tommy's taking of responsibility. Nicholas and Irving open a lemonade stand in front of the Bradford house but face stiff competition when a lavish lemonade stand is opened by the Cappleton sisters around the corner. David and Janet spend a night in the Bradford house when their apartment is sprayed for bugs.

Air Date: 2-21-79
Guests: Joan Prather, Richard Herd, James Cromwell, Stephen Burns, Brad Gorman, Talmage Scott, Fay De Witt, Kathleen Brown
Synopsis: While substitute teaching at the high school, Abby refuses to pass the star basketball player, and troubles begin for Tommy. It's an awkward meeting when Tom meets Janet's parents. Tommy is pressured by the basketball player to get the answers to Abby's test. Tommy learns to stand up for what is right.

Air Date: 10-24-79
Guests: Joan Prather, Meg Wyllie, Darrell Fetty, Katherine Woodville, K.C. Martel, James Karen, Warren Munson
Synopsis: Tom needs a partner for the father/son golf tournament but David, Tommy, and Merle are all busy.
Nicholas's substitute teacher compares him to his older brothers and sisters so Nicholas and Abby discuss how it feels to be compared to someone else. Nancy tries to help David's construction business by dating a local businessman.

Air Date: 2-15-78
Guests: Ike Eisenmann, Kip Gilman, Tom Lacy
Synopsis: Susan and Tom are jealous when Abby spends too much time with Susan's new boyfriend she brought home for dinner, and Abby strikes up too much connection with her date. Nicholas is appointed water monitor at home during a water shortage, and gets fired for being too tough. Tommy gets into trouble at school and wrongly assumes he's home-free when the principal calls David instead of Tom.

Guests: William Schriner, Thomas Callaway, Mark James, Stoney Jackson, Bebe Drake Massey, Michael Goodrow, Lindsay V. Jones, Pamela Bowman, Elizabeth Norman
Synopsis: Ernie misreads Elizabeth's friendly gestures. David is jealous that Janet is working long hours with a male colleague. Tom counsels David and Abby counsels Janet, and they end up happily together. Bored with his own house and family, Nicholas has more fun playing at a friend's house but his friend has more fun at Nicholas's house.

Guests: Ralph Macchio, Ken Barry, Jack Riley, Nicholas Pryor, Dawson Mays, Stanley Kamel, James Karen, Bill Erwin, Warren Munson, Tyler McVey, J. Edward McKinley, Theresa Hayes, Paul Braden, Casey King
Synopsis: Tom is nominated for a political post by the governor. A political appointment for him ends up more than he can live with. Joannie goes undercover to do a story on a video dating service. Nicholas tries to get rid of his "cute" image.

Air Date: 12-5-79
Guests: Joan Prather, Shawn Stevens, Michael Goodrow, Robert Rosen, James Carrington, Michael Horsley, Betty McLvor, Karen Knotts
Synopsis: Tom talks David into hiring Tommy as a construction worker but Tommy has to prove himself to his fellow workers by standing up to them on his own. Nicholas needs to write a speech about Tom and follows him around for a day at the office to get material. Elizabeth is looking for advice on how to meet men in college.

Air Date: 11-9-77
Guests: Richard Kline, Michael Thoma, Montana Smoyer, Ted Lehmann, Jeff Maxwell, Alexis Jacks, Jimmy Walton
Synopsis: After much debate, Tom and Abby decides on November 9th as their wedding date and agree to let the children handle the wedding plans, but it almost does not happen when things get too crazy. Elizabeth and Nicholas are not as excited about the wedding plans as the rest of the Bradford children.

Air Date: 11-9-77
Guests: Sylvia Sidney, Louise Latham, Dennis Patrick, Richard Kline, Jennifer Darling, Michael Thomas, Ken Olfson, Johnny Haymer, Montana Smoyer, Ted Lehmann, Jeff Maxwell, Alexis Jacks, Jimmy Walton
Synopsis: The children get carried away with the weddind plans and nearly cause the wedding to be canceled.
Abby asks Elizabeth to be her maid of honor and develop a special relationship.

Air Date: 9-27-78
Guests: Barry Van Dyke, Richard Cox, Hope Alexander Willix, Earl Boen, Tony Haig, Marie Lilo, Alan Mandell, Nicki Armstrong
Synopsis: Joannie gets accepted into a theater company and her first role is that of gopher and understudy.When the lead actress quits the play, Joannie has 24 hour to learn her lines and is unaware that Tom will be reviewing the play for the vacationing drama clinic.The Bradford children try to make Abby feel guilty about not sharing her car with tjhe family.Nicholas can't get away from a girl who has a crush on him.

Air Date: 10-25-78
Guests: Corey Feldman, Deirdre Berthrong, Wyatt Johnson, Tracey Justrich, Heather Hobbs, Page Taylor, Steven Harris, Todd Spero, Maureen Lee, Judy Jean Berns, Sarah Miller
Synopsis: Susan struggles to find the right career after she realizes she's not out to be a professional athlete. So she decides to try out to be a cop. Nancy opens a day care center at the Bradford house, but soon discovers that's not good with kids. While she fails the written test for the cop job, Susan helps Nancy control the kids, who are running amok, and finds that she likes it enought to go back to school as an education major. Joannie makes David's girlfriend jealous when she practices lines from her new play in David's apartment.

Guests: Joan Prather, Brian Prtick Clarke, Michael Goodrow, Stanley Grover, K.C. Martel, Philip Levien, Karin Mary Shea, Nedra Volz, Nora Denney, Melinda Moreno, Stacey Baldwin, Tony O'Dell, Steve Alterman
Synopsis: Tom is upset that everyone is neglecting their household duties so Abby and the kids pool their resources to hire a maid. Tommy tries to help his friend Ernie, who won't admit he has an alcoholic problem. They split-up over this and Bradford steps in to help. Nicholas and Marvin try to get into the Book of World Records.

Air Date: 9-12-79
Guests: Joan Prather, Brian Patrick Clarke, Terry Lester, Michael Thoma, William Lampley
Synopsis: David returns and is determined to win Janet back from her new boyfriend.
Merle confides to Nicholas that he wants to propose to Susan but Susan is upset when the entire Bradford family knows about before she does. Nicholas acts as the go-between for everyone.

Air Date: 2-28-79
Guests: Joan Prather, Joel Colodner, Gertrude Flynn, Al Ruscio
Synopsis: Tom and Abby are surprised to learn that Nicholas is musically talented but Abby is upset when Tom gets him a drum set. Joannie falls for the local drama critic who gave her a good review. Tom thinks he is a phony and tries to break up their romance. An unemployed David decides to open his own construction business and the whole family pitches in to help him.

Air Date: 10-26-77
Guests: Sydney Lassick, Michael Thoma, Vicky Huxtable, Cindy Daly, Ted Jordam, Victor Fisher, Kim Fowler, Lynda Sainte-James
Synopsis: Mary runs for a seat of the Board of Education and enlists the famil's help on her campaign.
Abby is too busy to keep her dates with Tom. Tom proposes to Abby after she and Mary are able to work out their difficulties over Mary's running for the school board. Abby accepts Tom's proposal.

Guests: Joan Prather, Brian Patrick Clarke, Ralph Macchio, Ivan Bonar, Ken Smolka, Jack Griffin, Bob McClurg, Hugo Valentino
Synopsis: Joannie involves David in the renovation of an old opera house. However, Janet is the legal counsel for the developer who wants to build low-income housing on the site. Nicholas gets a horse from Joe Simons and Abby help him find a way to keep it. Merle returns home from the New York Mets, but Susan is too tired from taking care of Sandra Sue to enjoy his visit.

Air Date: 1-25-78
Guests: Tom is upset when Abby makes arrangements for Elizabeth to get birth control pills.
Tom is drafted into doing a "Dear Abby" for the paper. Abby's studies are keeping her busy and leave little time for the family. Abby decides to stay at home more and drives everyone, including herself a little crazy trying to be a Betty Crocker-type. David and Tommy fix Abby's car.

Air Date: 10-3-79
Guests: Nicholas Pryor, Jerrold Ziman, Peggy Lee Brennan
Synopsis: Joannie gets a job in the research department of a TV station. Mary finds a hidden home pregnancy test and tries to find the owner. Joannie "scoops" Tom on a story on a porno theater for her new job at a television station. The problem is that the theater is owned by a public corporation and Tom is a stockholder. Tom is upset that a porno theater has opened in his neighborhood but then discovers that he is part owner of it.

Air Date: 10-5-77
Guests: Tricia O'Neil, Joey Forman, Michael Thomas, Sparky Marcus, Chris Hubbell, Virginia Vincent
Synopsis: After Tom and Abby break up, the Bradford children set Tom up with another woman in an effort to make Abby jealous. Nancy enters the Miss Scaramento beauty contest. David and Tommy hang aroung a laundromat in hopes of meeting girls.

Air Date: 11-8-78
Guests: Meridith Baer, John Lisbon Wood, Jean Howell, Conrad Bachmann, Gary Epp, Nancy Adrian, Roy Andrews, Bonnie Gondell, Bob Bralver
Synopsis: David starts living gangerously after a close friend dies oif a heart attack at a young age. The kids try to help and eventually David cleans up his act. Nicholas tries to help by offering David a kitten from a litter of a stray cat he has taken kn. He soon discovers that the cat is pregnant.

FATHER KNOWS BEST (Final episode)
Air Date: 5-23-81
Guests: Ralph Macchio, George Ralph Dicenzo, Michael Talbott, Gordon Metcalfe, Paul Comi, Charlotte Stewart, Jay Lomack, Richard Chaves, Sean Allan
Synopsis: Finally ready to be a father, Jeremy's father returns for a visit and wants to take him back to Los Angeles.
David relives old memories when four of his old high school buddies return to Sacramento for their 10 year high school reunion. Tom and Abby fight with Jeremy's dad for custody of Jeremy.

Air Date: 10-31-79
Guests: Joan Prather, Brian Patrick Clarke, Janis Paige, David Wayne, Robert Donner, Gary H. Imhoff, Richard Molinare, Lloyd Alann, Michael Goodrow, Jennifer Darling, Casey King, Morgan Kester, Josie Over, Victoria Leighton, Joann Gordon, Dennis M. Chun, Deena Starr Spencer, Nicole Ericson, Kelly Palzis, Chris Needels, Audrey Meyers
Synopsis: Tom thinks that Tommy is spending too much time with his band and is neglecting his school work.
Tom's sister, Vivian, also known as Auntie V, arrives and offers to take the entire family to Hawaii for a vacation.
The real reason is that she has found out that Tom's long-lost father is living there.

Air Date: 11-7-79
Guests: Joan Prather, Brian Patrick Clarke, Janis Paige, David Wayne, Robert Donner, Gary H. Imhoff, Richard Molinare, Lloyd Alann, Michael Goodrow, Jennifer Darling, Casey King, Morgan Kester, Josie Over, Victoria Leighton, Joann Gordon, Dennis M. Chun, Deena Starr Spencer, Nicole Ericson, Kelly Palzis, Chris Needels, Audrey Meyers
Synopsis: Joannie and Mary think they are being followed by a strange-looking tourist.
Elizabeth and Nancy meet two men who claim to be native Hawaiians. Tom is upset to learn that Vivian and Abby have conspired to have him meet his father - who he hasn't seen in 40 years. Tears, understanding and good cheer as Tom and his father finally make up when the family tries to get them together

Air Date: 3-7-79
Guests: Abe Vigoda, James Karen, Fred Holliday, Sally K. Marr, Kate Riehl, Howard Bailey, Steven Peterman, John Zoller, Kevin Lee Miller
Synopsis: Abby and the children are frustrated when they are trying to study for finals and a youth-oriented article Tom wrote in his column runs into trouble with a senior citizen and inspires a picket line in their front yard.
Elizabeth panics when she discovers she has to take an algebra final. Tommy puts a band together after hearing that the prom committee will pay $300 for a band. NOTE: Featuring Willie Aames and Paradise playing "Tijuana Tokyo." Willie Aames & Paradise performs "Blue Moon".

Guests: Cyndi Bain, Joan Prather, Brian Patrick Clarke, Michael Goodrow, Michele Greene, Floyd Levine, Ed Griffith, Melissa Converse, Jeff Cotler, Eric Stolz, Ed Call, James Parkes, James Ingersoll, Tom Dunlop, Aurelia Sweeney, Joshua Reynolds, Gary Dubin, Jimmy Ford, Tony O'Dell
Synopsis: Tom and Abby agree to let Tommy and a few friends have the house for a small party after graduation.
Nicholas and Irving are working on a school project when Irving gets hurt and Tommy ends up spending grad night at the hospital. The party goes on without them as party crashers show up. Officers were called in to finally break up the party and Tom demands an explanation, thinking Tommy was being ignorant.

Air Date: 10-18-78
Guests: Justin Lord, Jack Scmack, Jennifer Thoma, Robert Kya-Hill, Jeffery Cotler, Jeen Howell, Fred Downs
Synopsis: Tom is chosen to teach a journalism class at the university and is impressed by one student who is working his way throu college. Nicholas and Irving, who are making prank calls,recieve their own from David and Tommy. Tom is disappointed when Nancy flunkes out of college and decides to find a job, but she doesn't appricate it when he pulls strings to get her back in. Tom finally helps her get a job interview.

Air Date: 8-10-77
Guests: Gregory Walcott, Jennifer Darling, Michael Thoma, Herb Shriner, Jr., Virginia Vincent
Synopsis: Tom is challenged to a family touch football game by his dentist. He learns that winning is not the only thing that counts. Elizabeth worries about Maria in Columbia.

Air Date: 5-2-79
Guests: Jerry Lacy, Ann Doran, Jennifer Darling, Phil Hoover, Patricia Alice Albrecht, Bobby Duncan, Chad Roche, Tom Lacy, Mee Marmy, Kathy Mahoney
Synopsis: Tom is proud when Elizabeth and Joannie are graduating the same week (Joannie from college and Elizabeth from high school). Joannie doesn't know what to do with her life after graduation. Tom is invited to give the commencement address at Elizabeth's High School graduation. Abby talks to the principal on Elizabeth's behalf after she is excluded from the graduation ceremony for taking part in a dangerous senior prank. Tommy is offered the perfect summer job as a lifeguard but has to cut his hair if he accepts the job.

Air Date: 2-22-78
Guests: Marc Vahanian, David Hollander, Natasha Ryan
Synopsis: Frustrated by the transporation arrangements, Tommy, Elizabeth, Nancy, and Susan buy their own car.
Tom is upset that Tommy is failing English and pressures him to get a good grade. Tom learns a lesson about parental pressure when Tommy, trying to please him,buys a term paper from a high school hustler.
Joannie wants Nicholas to play Prince Charming in her play.

Air Date: 1-14-78
Writer: Peter Lefcourt
Director: Alf Kjellin
Guests: Danny Bonaduce, Eric Olson, Jennifer Darling, Michael Thoma, Randy Phillips, Nedra Volz, Helen Page Camp, Rex Riley
Synopsis: The family gives Tom a day of peace for his birthday, and it drives him crazy. David goes for the weekend and gives Tommy the use of his apartment but Tommy winds up throwing a party. Abby's parenting skills are tested when Tommy gets drunk.

Air Date: 2-1-78
Writer: Peter Lefcourt
Director: Alf Kjellin
Guests: Randolph Powell, Milt Kogan, Laurence Haddon, Sondra Carrie, Jim Ferrier, Sander Johnson, Michael Baldwin, J.Andrew Kenny, Thomas Belin, Ed Griffith
Synopsis: Tired of storing their clothes in the hall closet, Tom and Abby hire David to build a new dresser.
Nancy, Susan, and Joannie have a dieting contest, but no winners resulted.
A reunion with old friends leaves David feeling unsuccessful. David quits his construction job and joins the newspaper as a copyboy. Tommy tries out for the football teams to impress a girl.

Air Date: 9-20-78
Guests: Anita Dangler, Jennifer Darling, Michael Thoma, George Pentecost, Joe Hecht
Synopsis: Abby has her own problems when she thinks sha may be pregnant and is relucant to tell Tom.
Tom panics when he finds out he is going to be audited by the I.R.S, and the family pitches in for help. Nicholas plays post office for the first time. NOTE: This is the first episode Tommy plays the electric guitar.

Air Date: 11-1-78
Guests: David Hurst, Stanley Clay, Michael Thoma, Lanny Duncan
Synopsis: Many struggles with medical school and charaviristic professors. Susan, Elizabeth, and Nancy try to reach Tommy to drive is reluctant to do it. Tommu is embrassed top be seen with his teacher, Susan and Nancy. Finally, Tom traches Tommy a lesson in driving. Fed up with Mary's complaints about beeing unable ro study at home, Tom get her an apartment of her own for her to study for exams in medical school. She finally maves back home and the whole family coaches her.

Air Date: 11-26-80
Guests: Joan Prather, Ralph Macchio, Jennifer Perito, Michael Goodrow, Charlotte Stewart, Derrel Maury, Cory Miller, Dan Barrows, Kevin McCarley, Noel Scott
Synopsis: Ernie introduces Tommy to a slightly older songwriting woman who has a 4-year old son. When he falls for her, she has second thoughts. The Bradford's convert the garage into an apartment for Susan and Merle. Nicholas supervises the conversion job. Jeremy begins to feel like part of the family when Abby enrolls him in school and Tom makes him follow the household rules. NOTE: Willie Aames & Jennifer Perito perform "I'll Learn To Love Again".

Air Date: 1-24-79
Guests: Peter Bromilow, Larry Gilman, Michael Thoma, Jeffrey Cotler, Earl Montgomery, Larry Gelman, Jim Stathis
Synopsis: On a rainy night in Sacramento, the Bradford house is turned upside-down when the power goes out and leaves the Bradfords stuck at home with Nancy's blind date - a Norman Bates look-alike. Joannie is studying the film "Psycho" and the lights go out when her date shows up -- a look-alike for Tony Perkins. Tommy and Elizabeth think "Perkins" is an escaped convict. Tom is scheduled to participate in a debate on population control but he and Abby get stuck in an elevator when the power goes out. Nicholas and Irving play secret agent. Susan gets stuck.

Air Date: 9-19-79
Guests: Joan Prather, Michael Thoma, Brian Patrick Clarke, Rick Casorla, Emmaline Henry, Robert Rockwell, Virginia Vincent, Stephen Keep, Joshua Grenrock
Synopsis: David and Janet set a wedding date but it turns out to be the same day Merle and Susan decided to move up the wedding day to accomodate Merle's ballplaying career move. Nancy gets a job delivering singing telegrams and is hired to deliver one at the double wedding for David and Janet and Merle and Susan.

Air Date: 11-16-77
Guests: William Bogert, William Dozier, Senry Sutton, F.William Parker, Georgia Paul, Aline Towne
Synopsis: Tom and Abby take the kids to San Francisco where Tom is scheduled to accept an award for his column anbd the trip doubles as a honeymoon. Mary is upset when she is rejected by a medical school and Abby wants to contact an old friend to help her get in. The kids wrangle their way along the trip as chaos begins.

Air Date: 4-11-81
Guests: Ralph Macchio, Larry Hankin, Milt Oberman, Tarah Nutter, Malcolm Groome, Lanny Horn, Shaun Sperling, Dudley Knight, David Burke, Jeff Gibson, Jim Calvert, Marion Scherer, Bruce Reasman, Michael Blakley, James Francis
Synopsis: Just as Tommy's career is about to take off, his old girlfriend returns to tell Tommy she is pregnant after it is announced that his band has been booked for a national tour. Nicholas wins a girl's heart by standing up to a bully. Mary, Nancy, Elizabeth, and Joannie adopt a bum named Max, and bring him home for dinner.

Air Date: 4-18-81
Guests: Laura Johnson, Bonnie Bartlett, Michael Griswold, David Haskell, Tarah Nutter, Barry Pea, David Boyle, Tom Charvat, Michael Blakley, Fred McGrath, Adam Taylor
Synopsis: Ellen tells Tommy that she doesn't want to marry him and Tommy isn't sure what he wants to do. At the last minute, they both realize it is not the right thing to do. Joannie is jealous when the station hires a female anchor. Jeremy drops hints about his upcoming birthday. Nicholas plans a surprise birthday for Jeremy.

Guests: Karen Fredrik, Ralph Macchio, Michael Shannon, Steve Doubet, Pamela Norman, Arlene Banas, Patricia Carr Bosley, Lisa Cori, Karen Fredrik, Rick Rossovich, Charles Parks, Charlie Young
Synopsis: Nancy's modeling career is about to take off but she needs to make an important decision as she later finds out she has to pose topless for a jeans ad. Elizabeth is trying to attract Alan Anderson, who only sees her as a friend. David hires Nicholas to find him a new apartment.

Air Date: 9-14-77
Writers: Paul Dubov & Gwen Bagni
Director: Harry Harris
Guests: Beth Howland, Michael Thomas, Kathleen Doyle, Suzanne Zenor, Virginia Vincent, John Furey, Gary Graham, James Parkes
Synopsis: Dr. Max shows up on Tom's doorstep after a fight with his wife and ends up staying with the Bradfords, driving them crazy with his fussy ways. David tries to borrow money from his brothers and sisters to cover a bad check he wrote at poker game to cover a debt.

Air Date: 1-17-79
Guests: Louise Latham, Dennis Patrick, Michael la Guardia, Ed McCready
Synopsis: Abby's mother arrives for a visit and Abby is upset to learn that her parent are breaking up. Abby's father arrives shortly, and musical rooms becomes the name of the game. The girls want to move back home after their rent is raised but are afraid to tell Tom. Tom is picked up by the police after the kids rack up $170 worth of parking tickets on the station wagon.

Air Date: 11-5-80
Guests: Joan Prather, Ralph Macchio, John Considine, Bubba Smith, Michael Griswold, Kenneth Tigar, Jennifer Darling, Nicholas Pryor, Andy Freeman, Chris Capen, Bob Schott, Bob McClurg, John Rose, Don Fenwick
Synopsis: Abby goes to a funeral in San Francisco and returns with her nephew, Jeremy, who has nowhere else to go. His behavior upsets the family, referring the Bradfords as that other family (The Brady Bunch), but all ends well as he becomes the newest member of the Bradfords. Joannie is promoted to sports anchor. Nicholas gets into trouble for selling peeks at Mary's medical books.

Air Date: 1-31-79
Guests: Keene Curtis, Joan Prather, James Karen, Jeanna Michaels
Synopsis: Nicholas tries to avoid a young lady who has a crush on him. Tired of saying goodnight to each other every night, David and Janet decide to live together. Tom is nominated for "Father of the Year", but his chance grows slim after David and Janet decide to become roommates.

Air Date: 2-14-79
Guests: David Haskell, Keith Coogan, Anne Bellamy, Larry Gelman
Synopsis: Abby uses the family as subjects in a research project for school. Nicholas's new friend, Bobby, runs away from his foster family because he wants to become part of the Bradford family. They decide to sail down the Sacramento river. Abby's friend and his wife begin to consider adopting bobby.
Tommy and Elizabeth debate the merits of cosmetic surgery.

Air Date: 11-14-79
Guests: Joan Prather, Brian Patrick Clarke, John Lone, K.C. Martel, Michael Thoma, Anna Garduno, David Ellenstein, Leone James, Channing Clarkson, Aileen Fitzpatrick
Synopsis: Nicholas feels responsible when bad luck seems to run in the family after he breaks a chain letter. Nicholas really believes that bad luck followed afterwards. He finally learns that it is nonsense after putting the family through the ringer. Merle and Susan argue about his choice of friends and her neglect of household duties.
Tom, Abby, and the rest of the Bradfords are worried when Tommy is hospitalized for a ruptured spleen.

Guest: Brian Patrick Clarke, Larry Breeding, Keith Coogan, Michele Greene, Cyndi Bain, Rori King, Michael Goodrow, Ted Noose, John McCafferty
Synopsis: Abby suffers a concussion when she falls off a ladder. The Bradfords take turns keeping Abby awake by telling her stories and sharing memories, which are flashbacks from previous episodes.

Air Date: 3-1-78
Guest: Michael Thoma
Synopsis: Abby suffers a concussion when she falls off a ladder. The Bradfords take turns keeping Abby awake by telling her stories and sharing memories, which are flashbacks from previous episodes.

Air Date: 4-28-78
Guests: Harry Gold, Robin Strand, Michael Thoma, Jimmy Van Patten, Timmy Van Patten, John Walter Davis, Anson Downes, Robert Byran Berger, Janet Wood, Alisa Powell, Stacey Nelkin, Rudy Hornish, Grace Gaynor, Michelle Patrick
Synopsis: Abby convinces Tom to spend the weekend with her parents in Pasadena, leaving the kids alone for the weekend. While they are away, despite a rule against having any non-Bradfords in the house, the kids throw a party, but then the house is overrun with chaos and the kids barely manage to get things back in order before Tom and Abby return. A distant cousins shows up on the Bradford doorstep for the flower children.

Air Date: 5-9-79
Guests: Forbesy Russell, Joan Prather, John Calvin, Joan Tompkins, Tom Lacy, Catherine Hickland, Noah Beery Jr.
Synopsis: Tom finally realizes his dream of being a published author when a magazine prints his short story, but finds it published in a man's magazine more famous for its "illustrations" than its literature. David and Janet announce their engagement but David leaves Janet and takes off on a cross-country trip when he gets cold feet. Elizabeth is paired with a real nerd for a make-believe marriage assignment at school.
NOTE: This originally aired as a two-hour episode.

Air Date: 5-9-79
Guests: Noah Beery Jr., Forbesy Russell, Joan Prather, John Calvin, Joan Tompkins, Tom Lacy, Catherine Hickland
Synopsis: David and his traveling companion continue on their cross-country trip and he gets involved in a hang-gliding competition and learn a few lessons about life.
NOTE: This originally aired as a two-hour episode.

Air Date: 12-12-79
Guests: Brian Patrick Clarke, Squire Fridell, Peter Horton, Nicholas Pryor, Johnny Haymore, Reed Birney, Ina Gould, Arline Anderson
Synopsis: Joannie tries to convince her boss that she is ready for more responsibility at work. Joannie wants to do a documentary on her family. Mary learns that being an adult can be painful when she falls for a resident at the hospital who is unavailable. Eager to earn extra money, Nicholas sells guaca dew, a wrinkle remover, door to door.

Guests: Joan Prather, Brian Patrick Clarke, Monte Markham, Nicholas Pryor, Don Matheson, Cindy Rubin, Angela Newell, Mario Machado, Hettie Lynne Hurtes, Eda Zahl
Synopsis: Joannie gets an important assignment at work but Jeffrey believes that the boss will be expecting a favor in return. Joannie blows her chance at a big story. An experienced reporter makes her his partner and the result is an important scoop. Nicholas has a problem with a bully that he can't hit back. Fed up with the way that Tom divvies up the family's discretionary funds, Tommy takes over budgeting for it.

Guests: Joan Prather, Christopher Connelly, Elizabeth Hoy, Sandy Balson, Michael Thorne, Tammy Taylor, Ed McCready, Nels Van Patten
Synopsis: Abby needs time to deal with memories of her late husband after a fellow prisoner of war shows up in Sacramento. She works out her feelings and returns to the family. Nicholas goes steady for the first time, and finds going steady is not all fun when the girl is more interested in the bracelet he gives her than in him. Nancy gets tired of loaning money to the other Bradford children.

Air Date: 9-5-79
Guests: Brian Patrick Clarke, Amy Smika, Michael Goodrow, Catherine Gilmour, Ben Young, Bruce Katzman, John Brandon, Coleman D. Creel, Jr., Gene Borkan, Roy E. Andrews
Synopsis: Nicholas and Susan meet Merle the Pearl, a local minor league baseball player.
Nicholas is upset that his young girlfriend is moving out of town and wants to introduce her to Merle the Pearl to impress her before she leaves. Frustrated by the gas shortage, Tom agrees to buy a new, fuel-efficient car.
Merle falls for Susan and Nicholas gets his first kiss.

Air Date: 10-11-78
Guests: Andrea Howard, Chip Lucia, Jeffery Coder, Dana Kimmel, Michael Thoma
Synopsis: Nicholas has a crush on his teacher and buys her self-portrait at her garbage sale, but tries to hide it from the kids, who think there is a valuable painting underneath. The Bradfords because believe Nicholas's painting may be worth a fortune and dream about how they would spend their millions of it is. Tommy's chances with a popular girl are hurt when he contracts trench mouth.

Air Date: 10-19-77
Guests: Gerald McRaney, Dennis Burkley, Woodrow Partley, Jonathan Goldsmith, Gerald Ramsey, Jennifer Darling, Michael Thomas, Virgian Vincent, Fred Stuthman, Sam Weisman, Floyd Levine, Joseph Clarke, Chuck Howerton, Kent Hall, Creed Bratton, Mitchell Back
Synopsis: Tom throws a party to celebrates paying off the mortage on the Bradford house. Unfortunately, the kids get into a melee when Susan punches a heckler at David and Tommy's singing appreance and Tom has to remortage the house to pay the damages as seven of his children were arrested after a fight in the nightclub.
David waits for the results of his contractor's exam. Nicholas felt left out since he was never arrested.

Air Date: 1-10-79
Guests: Peter Horton, Donald Petrie, Jim Hackett, Charlie Star, Douglas Dirkson
Synopsis: In an effort to keep the remaining Bradfords at home, Tom repeals all curfews but Abby doubts his wisdom. Tom shows everyone that it is possible to have too much of a good thing. The girls learn that having their own apartment isn't as great as they thought it would be. Nicholas has a hard time adjusting to having his own room.

Air Date: 1-3-79
Guests: Joan Prather, Danny Wells, Toni Lamond, Nels Van Patten
Synopsis: Tired of Tom's strict rules, Nancy, Susan, and Joannie look for an apartment of their own because Tom has trouble accepting that his daughters are growing up. David buys a new truck and agrees to sell Tommy his van.
Tom is upset when Abby loans the girls the money to get their own apartment.

Air Date: 1-18-78
Guests: Phillip R. Allen, Charles Macaulay, Jennifer Darling, Michael Thoma, John Dennis Johnston, Stuart Gillard, Larry Hankin, Ben Davidson
Synopsis: Abby is upset about when David gives Nicholas a BB gun.
Tom's column about garbage causes a controverty when he writes a tongue-in-cheek column. That's when his troubles start to pile up, along with his garbage. Tom is prepared to go to jail rather than reveal his source for his column.

Guests: Joan Prather, Colin Hamilton, Michael Goodrow, Amy Gibson, James Karen, Nicholas Pryor, Michael Griswold, Melody Thomas Scott, Susan Burman, Heather Totten, Richard Caine, Lachelle Chamberlain, Tony O'Dell, Brian Henskovitz, Tom Dunlop, Kimberly Cameron
Synopsis: Upset that an all girl band was chosen to play at prom, Tommy protests by running for prom queen.
Joannie pushes her boss for some on-camera work.

Air Date: 3-15-77
Guests: Michael Thomas, Virginia Vincent, Morris Buchanan, Jerri Kulik, Larry Golden, William Kirk Cullen, Bret Marks, Lucy Saroyan, Charles Aidman
Synopsis: "Never try eating nectarines since juice may dispense." That's how Tom and Joan Bradford remember the names of their childrens: Nicholas, Tommy, Elizabeth, Nancy, Susan, Joannie, Mary, and David.Tired of fighting with his father,David move out of the Bradford house and the youngest Bradford children fight over his bedroom, prompting Tom to learn the importance of having a family relationship.Elizabeth is arrested for possession of narcotics and Tom and Joan have to find 1,500 to pay a lawyer.
Nicholas had his tonsils removed. NOTE: Pilot actors playing the regular characters in this episode only: Mark Hamil as David, Kimberly Beck as Nancy, and Chris English as Tommy, Diana Hyland played their mother [first of some shows].

Air Date: 12-3-79
Guests: Joan Prather, Sondra West, Brian Patrick Clarke, Michael Thoma, Howard Witt, Jeff Maxwell, Michael Goodrow, Noel Conlon, Bill Smillie, Penelope Willis, Joe Carafallo
Synopsis: Things are not as they seem at the Bradfords when Merle's sister, Linda Mae, comes from the farm and visits the Bradfords and is shocked at what she finds. Joannie talks Nancy into playing a stripper in her play.
Susan panics when she hears that Merle was injured in a game. It's a comedy of errors when Linda Mae calls the police after misunderstanding the family's crazy life style.

Air Date: 9-13-78
Guests: Rod Browning, Peggy Pope, J.A. Preston, James Karen, Elliott Street, Jennifer Darling, Michael Thoma, Phillip Tanzini, Jack Perkins, Anita Dangler, George Pentecost, Joe Hecht
Synopsis: Nicholas convinces Tom to coach his little league football team.
Tired of having no privacy, the Bradford children have their own phone line installed.
Tom resigns as little league coach because of pushy parents but becomes a pushy parents himself when Abby takes over as coach.

Guests: Joan Prather, Brian Patrick Clarke, Veronica Redd, Stoney Jackson, Woody Eney, Mark James, James Karen, Michael Thoma
Synopsis: Merle recruits the girls for a charity basketball team.
Tom is jealous when a publisher offers to publish Abby's thesis and Tom can't get his accepted. They pool their efforts, after competitive feelings are straightened out, to co-author his book. Nicholas gets his friend's mom a job helping with the book. Nicholas's friend is upset to learn that his mom works for Abby and not the other way around.

Air Date: 3-29-77
Guests: Hal England, Jennifer Darling, Anthony Battaglia, James Sikking, Samantha Sprenger
Synopsis: Tom's chance at managing the newpapers runs into trouble when the printers go on stike.
The whole family pitches in to help earn extra money. Nancy is disappointed by a modeling agent but Joan geta a job as a photographer to earn money during the strike. Tom and Joan argue about her continuing to work after the strike is settled.
NOTE: Diana Hyland played their mother in this episode. This was aired two days after she passed away.

Air Date: 5-3-78
Guests: Ann Dusenberry, Norman Alden, Michael Thoma, Sherrill Lynn Katzman, Vera Stough
Synopsis: David meets an attractive young woman who is the daughter of a wealthy construction man.
Joannie tries to get the family to communicate better using encounter-like truth games. Tom, helping Nicholas build a car, takes over completely.

Air Date: 4-19-77
Guests: Dennis Kort, Ray Buktenica, Leonard Stone, Damon Raskin, Holly Smith
Synopsis: Togetherness can be really funny when the whole Bradford household is quarantined, including Nancy's blind date,after Mary's boyfriend comes down with a mysterious ailment. David has to run errands for his quaranteened family. Nicolas hides some toys he brought into the house without buying them.
Cabin fever eventually drives the family crazy.

Air Date: 11-30-77
Guests: Robin Williams, Janis Paige, Lawrason Driscoll, William Callaway, Alf Kjellin, Jed Cooper, Ernest Emling, Wayne Northrop, Lin Shaye
Synopsis: Auntie V. Tom's eccentric sister, returns for another visit with the Bradfords and surpries Tom and Abby with a new house as a wedding present. The kids are excited, but as they fix up the house for sale they begin to fall in love with it again. Nancy wants to expand her horizons by going on a cruise with Auntie V. Nancy falls for the estate agent who is trying to sell the Bradford house.

Guests: Janis Paige, Dana Elcar, Michael Goodrow, Michele Greene, Jeff Seymour, Karl Held, Edgy Lee, Russell Shannon
Synopsis: Tom is upset that Tommy hasn't sent in any college applications but Tommy wants to be a musician and is not interested in college. Auntie V brings her new fiance to meet the Bradfords. Auntie V encourages Tommy to pursue his musical dreams. Tommy wants to be a professional musician rather than go to college. Though Tom disagrees, he still is able to encourage him, which brings them closer.

Air Date: 3-22-77
Guests: Lane Binkley, Jerrrey Bryon, Ellen Travolta, Darrell Larson, Doney Oatman, Penelope Willis
Synopsis: Matilda, Mary's very pregnant, unmarriage, friend stays in the Bradford house while she is between apartment, but her attidude toward marriage upsets Tom. She learns the joys of parenthood and paternal Tom helps deliver her baby. Tom is upset that Susan wants to spend the weekend with her bofriend at Square Valley. NOTE: This was the first episode with Grant Goodeve assuming the role of David, Dianne Kay as Nancy, and Willie Aames as Tommy. Diana Hyland played their mother in this episode.

Guests: Ralph Macchio, Nicholas Pryor, Gary Imhoff, Michael Griswold, Pat Lentz, Mark Schneider, Rick Gates, Doug Cox, Adam Mann, Joan Prather, Brian Patrick Clarke, Ivan Bonar, Ken Smolka, Jack Griffin, Bob McClurg, Hugo Valentino
Synopsis: Joannie is tired of not getting any serious assignments at work and Abby encourages her to take a leave of absence to evaluate her career, and falls for a co-worker. Nancy finds out fame has a price when she becomes the "Sunshine Soda Girl." Tommy needs a ticket to a rock concert and Nicholas has one to sell.

Guests: Joan Prather, Brian Patrick Clarke, John Crawford, Michael Sullivan, James Karen, Mark Harrison, Dick Christie, Jennifer Darling, Michael Thoma
Synopsis: Abby tries to cheer Tom up on his 50th birthday.
Tom feels the pressure of teh youth movement at work and believes that the Register wants to replace him with a younger columnist. Merle and Susan try to pick names for their baby. Nicholas is helping Merle come up with a name for the new baby.
NOTE: Tom would celebrate his 50th birthday again on the NBC tv-movie; "Eight Is Enough; A Family Reunion".

Air Date: 11-21-79
Guests: Joan Prather, Brian Patrick Clarke, Jonathan Frakes, K.C. Martel, Frank Downing, Robert Hanley
Synopsis: Elizabeth and Mary try to fix the furnace when David doesn't have time to fix it, and try to bill Tom.
Merle is excited when he is asked to play dealing with winter ball in Puerto Rico but Susan doesn't want to quit school to go with him. Tom is up to his ears with kids when Susan returns home after a spat with Merle.
Tom deals with Nicholas on strike for more allowance.

Air Date: 2-8-78
Guests: John Mark Robinson, Gray Swanson, Michael Sullivan, Stephen Parr, Joshua Grenrock, Georgia Neise, Stephanie Kramer, Amy Joyce, Karl Ellis, P.J. Benjamin, Bruce Lazarus, Polita Barnes
Synopsis: Joannie, Nancy, and Susan meet new guys at a disco over winter break and love times three drives the Bradford household crazy. David's friend tries to convince him to go on a blind date, so he fixes David with one, but the "date" turns out to be totally unexepectely...his sister Mary. Tommy desperatiely tries to win rock concert tickets.

Air Date: 5-9-81
Guests: Ralph Macchio, Dane Witherspoon, Don Matheson, Joel Brooks, Ivan Naranjo, Larry Gelman, Don Dubbins, Morgan Hart, Roger Etienne, Jimmy Gatherum, Bill Calvert
Synopsis: Jeremy is suspicious when he finds a skull while digging in the garden. David and Janet consider getting back together. Nicholas assumes he's a shoo-in for the basketball team when Elizabeth dates the coach.

Air Date: 12-10-80
Guests: Sandy Kenyon, Peggy Pope, Richard Paul, James Karen, Jennifer Darling, Tom Williams, James Staley, Ken Sansom, Freeman King, Robert Ackerman, Clint Young, Ben Kronen
Synopsis: Caught up in a newspaper strike and laid-off, Tom tries to bring the feuding parties together thanks to something Nicholas says about giving and compromise. To save everyone money, Nicholas starts a barter system for the family. The Bradford's have a five car pile-up in their driveway.

Air Date: 9-26-79
Guests: Katherine Woodville, Jennifer Darling, Renny Temple, Julia Duffy, Karen Belge, Ken Smolka
Synopsis: Chaos hits the Bradford house when everyone's activities go around the clock. In order to get her Ph.D. more quickly, Abby attends school full-time and has little time for the family. Tom is upset when no one is home when Nicholas gets home from school. Tired of getting dead-end jobs because of her looks, Nancy gets a job at a brokerage firm. All this drives Tom bananas and he finally calls a family meeting at 3 a.m. by playing loud music to rearrange the goings on.

Air Date: 9-21-77
Writers: Leonard Stadd & Toni VanHorne
Director: Philip Leacock
Guests: Don Johnson, Jennifer Darling, Michael Thomas, Virginia Vincent
Synopsis: This episode introduces Betty Buckley in the contract role of Sue " Abby" Abbott. At first she was a special guest star. Tommy breaks his ankles at a touch football game and will miss school for five weeks.
Mary moves in with her boyfriend, a young psychiatry student. Sandra Sue Abbott is sent to tutor Tommy while he is absent from school.

Air Date: 9-28-77
Guest: John V. Shea
Synopsis: David's new roommate romance both Susan and Joannie. Tom decides he has been neflecting Nicholas and drives Nicholas crazy by spending too much time with him. Tommy organizes a family garage sale to earn money.

Air Date: 4-12-77
Guests: Adrienne Barbeau, Don Matheson, Jennifer Darling, Micheal Thoma, Virginia Vincent, Cosie Costa, Damon Douglas, Lynda-Saint James
Synopsis: David learns about his life at a party the family throws to celebrates doctor Maxwell's 25th anniversary, as his date and Maxwell don't get along. David helps an older woman stuck in a traffic jam, but his dates seems to cause more trouble with his family than he bargained for.

Air Date: 4-26-77
Guests: Janis Paige, Jack Deleon, Michael Thoma, Virginia Vincent, Stephen Johnson, Steven Marlo
Synopsis: Tony's sister shows up for a visit and turns the Bradford house upside-down when the encourages the kids to pursue their dreams and goals. David gets laid off and Vivian gets him a job as an architect. Mary gets "C' in Introductory Philosophy. Joanie considers traveling in an acting company if she gets accepted by the director.

Guests: Joan Prather, Ralph Macchio, Kari Michaelson, Joe Ross, Shirley Freemond, Alice Nunn, Kipp Lennon, Dermott Downs, Brian Part, William Callaway, John J. Fox, Tina Carlisi, Laura Saylor
Synopsis: Jeremy meets a new girlfriend at a Fred Astaire film festival.
Tom and Abby decide to renew their marriage vows on their 3rd anniversary and they agree to let the kids handle the arrangements. David and Janet try to hide the fact that they have split up.

Air Date: 11-15-78
Guests: Todd Susman, Henry Polic II, Bobby Sandler, Ted Jordan, Robert Starr
Synopsis: The male Bradfords refuse to attend a speech that Abby was selected to give. War erupts between the Bradfords men and woman when the woman feel they are not respected by the men. Nancy gets a job pumping gas in a sexy uniform in a local filling station.

Guests: Ralph Macchio, Michael Goodrow, Michele Greene, Peter Fox, James Karen, Gaye Kruger, Cindee Appleton, Lanny Horn, Bill McLean, Kristin Larkin, Catherine Paolone, Steven Hirsch
Synopsis: Tommy and Ernie, back from college with a "preppy" look, run into Jill, Tommy's old girlfriend. When Jill picks Ernie over Tommy, David helps him realize that reliving the past is not the real world.
David moves into a singles-only apartment building. Upset by Tom's refusal to give him money, Nicholas gets a job delivering a rival newspaper. NOTE: Willie Aames performs "Why Go On & On With Me".

Air Date: 11-12-80
Guests: Ralph Macchio, Vernee Watson-Johnson, K.C. Martel, Eleanor McCoy, Paul Sorenson, Vernon Weddle, Gordon Haight, Read Morgan, Verda Bridges, Mary Helen Barro, Shannon Presby, Marc Levine, Ken Tynes
Synopsis: Abby gets a job as a guidance counselor at a rough high school filled with trouble.
Tom discovers his driver's license has expired and fails the renewal test. Tom drives his family crazy when they become his chauffers. Nicholas's friend dares him to shoplift a desired yo-yo.

Air Date: 9-6-78
Guests: Millie Slavin, Jennifer Darling, Michael Thoma, Susan Jayne Jacoby, Dawn Jeffery, June Christopher
Synopsis: Suffering from imsommia and thinking he's going nuts.Tom visits a psychiatrist to find the cause.
Tommy develops two personalities, "disco kid" and "mellow man", to impress the two girls he is dating. Tom's sneaking around leads Abby to believe that he may be having an affair.

Air Date: 5-10-78
Guests: Donegan Smith, Danny Dayton, Dan Barrows, Meeno Peluce, Karen Fredrik
Synopsis: Joannie directs a talent show to raise money for the orphanage she's volunteering at. Joannie tries to get the whole family to entertain.
Nicholas believes he's seen a UFO, but nobody else believes him. It turns out to be only a practical joke by one of the neighborhood kids. To open the benefit talent show, the family dresses in rabbit costumes singing "This Is It" (Bugs Bunny theme song). Other acts have Joannie perform as a clown, Tommy as a magician with Nancy as his assistant, Elizabeth does a tap dance with Susan playing the sousaphone, Tom & Nicholas do a rock concert version of "Who's On First?" routine. Abby sings a song she wrote herself. "SO LA" (music by Jim Hurt, Ira Newborn & Betty Buckley who also wrote the lyrics). David sings the future "Eight Is Enough" theme song which would replace the original theme song from seasons 3-5 (music by Lee Holdridge, lyrics by Molly-Ann Leikin). NOTE: This is only one of two shows in which a future theme song's featured. On a Happy Days episode where Joanie & Chachi were in a school play, they sing the future Joanie Loves Chachi theme song.

Air Date: 4-5-77
Writer: Peter Lefcourt
Director: Vincent McEveety
Guests: Susan Lanier, Charlene Tilton, Bob Lussier, Jay MacIntosh, Lieux Dressler, Michael Baldwin, Erin Connor, Sherry Jason
Synopsis: Topsy-turvy at the Bradfords when Tommy has his "dream girl" stand him up.
Neither David nor Tom wants to go on their annual hunt. Nancy wants to be a cheerleader. Elizabeth gets grounded over curfew.

Air Date: 12-14-77
Guests: Will Geer, Nicholas Hammond, Judy Strangis, Michael Thoma
Synopsis: The Bradfords celebrate their first Christmas without their late mother, Joan. Nicholas mistakenly assumes the man he finds in the house on Christmas Eve is Santa Claus and lets him steal the Christmas presents, putting Christmas temporaily on hold.

Air Date: 12-14-77
Guests: Will Geer, Nicholas Hammond, Judy Strangis, Michael Thoma
Synopsis: The Bradfords celebrate their first Christmas without their late mother, Joan. Nicholas mistakenly assumes the man he finds in the house on Christmas Eve is Santa Claus and lets him steal the Christmas presents, putting Christmas temporaily on hold.

Air Date: 11-29-78
Guests: Jack Elam, Cliff Norton, Lucille Benson, Jennifer Darling, Michael Thoma, Ellen Travolta, Gary Allen, Robert Caspar, Jean Le Bouvier, Robert Snively, Jeffrey Cotler, Don Starr, Frank Di Elsi, Antoinette Stella, Eddie Bell, Helen Hughes
Synopsis: The Bradford children plan a party for Tom and Abby's anniversary and Nicholas fell left out.
Tom and Abby unknowingly bid against each other for "A Christmas Line" tickets for their anniversary. Nicholas accidents set fire to his room, destroying the anniversary present Tommy was making for Tomand Abby. Feeling like the family doesn't want him around anymore, Nicholas runs away to find Sam in San Diego.

Air Date: 11-29-78
Guests: Grayce Spence, Gloria LeRoy, Larry Gelman, Grace Gaynor, Al Coupee, Von Schauer, Chris Anthony, Angela Olcott, Phil Bowman, Manny Kleinmutz, Don Kennedy, D.J. Sullivan, D.J. Blail, Marion Strickler, Kay Elliot
Synopsis: In San Diego, Nicholas is taken in by Joe Simmons, an old con man and bum who was a friend of Sam's. He then performs his best scam trying to get Nicholas back to the Bradfords. Believing that Nicholas is at a friend's house, the Bradford's work on repairing Tommy and Nicholas room. NOTE: The Bradford kids perform "One" (A Chorus Line).


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