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Remembering Frank Cady


Veteran actor Frank Cady has died, he was 96, no cause of death was announced.

Frank Cady started his TV career back in 1953 appearing on Mr. Peepers as a Jewelry Salesman.

He then played the part of Dr. Williams on the Adventures of Ozzie & Harriet during the 1950's.

In the 1950's Frank Cady appeared in a number of Westerns including Broken Arrow, Maverick, & Wagon Train.

In the early 60's he appeared on the Andy Griffith Show, Make Room For Daddy, Dennis The Menace, Pete & Gladys, Grindl, Hazel and others.

Frank had some serious cast appearances in The Untouchables, Perry Mason, Hawaiian Eye & The Great Adventure.

His biggest success was that of playing Sam Drucker, owner of Druckers General Store in Hooterville.

This character appeared on Green Acres, Petticoat Junction & Beverly Hillbillies.  His store was way ahead of its time as he offered services such as a Post Office, Justice Of The Peace, Editor of the Local Newspaper & more.

In the 70's he appeared on Hawaii Five O & Eight Is Enough.

Frank Cady was one of the most popular character actors on TV in the 1960's.