Ghost & Mrs. Muir
September 21, 1968 - March 13, 1970

Carolyn Muir was a young attractive widower who moved into Gull Cottage with her two children and a housekeeper.

The only problem with the house is that it was haunted but a 19th century seas captain named Daniel Gregg.

At first the ghost tried to scare off the family but in time they grew to like each other.

The series was very innocent and family oriented and Charles Nelson Reilly played the nephew of Captain Gregg and did a superb acting job in the series.

The series was cancelled by NBC after one season but it was picked up by ABC for the second season.


Cast Favorite Episodes Guest Stars

Hope Lange
Charles Nelson Reilly
Edward Mulhare
Reta Shaw
Kellie Flanagan
Harlan Carraher

1. Vanessa
2. Buried On Page One
3. Chowderhead
4. Ghost Of Christmas Past
5. Jonathan Tells It Like It Is
6. Pilot
7. Medium Well Done
8. Great Power Failure
9. Hero Today Gone Tomorrow
10. Music Maker

Alice Ghostley
Danny Bonaduce
Mabel Albertson
Shelley Fabares
Harry Nilsson
Kathleen Freeman
Jonathan Harris
Ruth McDevitt
Joe Flynn
J. Pat O'Malley


Episodes Known To Be In Existence


Pilot 9/21/68

Haunted Honeymoon 9/28/68

Ghost Hunter 10/12/68

Hero Today Gone Tomorrow 10/19/68

Vanessa 10/26/68

Real James Gatley 11/2/68

Uncle Arnold The Magnificent 11/9/68

Way Off Broadway 11/16/68

Monkey Puzzle Tree 11/30/68

Captain Gregg's Whiz Bang 12/7/68

Madeira My Dear 12/14/68

Love Is A Toothache  12/21/68

Mister Perfect  12/28/68

Dear Delusion 1/4/69

Dog Gone 1/11/69

A Pain In The Neck 1/18/69

Strictly Relative 1/25/69

Chowderhead 2/1/69

It's A Gift  2/8/69

Buried On Page One 2/15/69

Make Me A Match 2/22/69

Jonathan Tells It Like It Is 3/1/69

Medicine Ball 3/8/69

Music Maker 3/29/69

Great Power Failure 9/18/69

Centenial  9/25/69

There's A Seal In My Bathtub  9/2/69

Double Trouble 10/9/769

Today I Am A Ghost 10/16/69

Madame Candidate  10/23/69

Not So Desperate Hour  10/30/69

Medium Well Done  11/5/69

Surprise Party  11/13/69

The Firehouse Plus Ghost  11/20/69

Spirit Of The Law  11/27/69

Puppy Love  12/11/69

Ghost Of Christmas Past 12/25/69

Ladies Man 1/1/70

Not So Faust  1/8/70

Tourist Go Home  1/23/70

No Hits No Runs No Oysters  1/30/70

Dig For The Truth  2/6/70

Pardon My Ghost   2/13/70

Martha Meets The Captain  2/20/70

Amateur Night  2/27/70

Curious Cousin  3/6/70

Wedding Day  3/13/70


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