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Goode Family
Dvd Review
 Complete Series

If you're a fan of Beavis & Butt Head or King Of The Hill you will probably like The Goode Family.

This was a short lived series that originally aired on ABC in 2009 and then moved to Comedy Central.

This series reminds me of a family from back in the days of Woodstock.  The Goode Family lives by the motto "What Would Al Gore Do".  The Goode Family lives a complete "Green" lifestyle. 

The series also reminded us of Wait Till Your Father Gets Home, this is a series you will either really like or dis-like.

Our favorite episodes included Graffiti In Greenville, After School Special, A Tale of Two Lesbians and Helen's Back.

This DVD contains all 13 episodes.

Goode Family
Complete Series

TVofYourLife.com Gives This DVD A 5.0 On A 10 Scale

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