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Groucho Marx TV Classics
Dvd Review
 Includes Hollywood Palace

The new Groucho Marx TV Classics collection from Film Chest is a real pleasant surprise.

First you get 16 episodes of You Bet Your Life on 2 DVD's.  The quality is the best we've seen on this series and way better than what we watched in the 1980's on CBN.  Some episodes have original commercials for DeSoto and Groucho appears in some of them. 

The real bonus is you get 2 episodes of The Hollywood Palace in which Groucho Marx was the host.  The first was a 1964 episode with Morey Amsterdam & Rose Marie.  The second is from 1965 with Shecky Green and singing team of Gordon & Sheila MacRae.  Both episodes are in black & white and have original commercials.

There is also a game show called Anybody Can Play hosted by George Fennemann.  The show had a really beautiful female assistant.

ThisDVD is one of the best surprises of the year.

Grouch Marx TV Classics
Hollywood Palace

TVofYourLife.com Gives This DVD A 7.5 On A 10 Scale

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