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Hardy Boys
 Complete Third Season
Dvd Review

The Hardy Boys was a detective/mystery series that aired on Sunday Nights in the late 1970's on ABC.  The show had stiff competition against 60 Minutes & Disney

Season 3 of Hardy Boys starts out with Joe mourning the death of his fiancee.

This DVD contains all 10 episodes of Season 3 of The Hardy Boys.

Our favorite episodes included Life On The Line, The Last Kiss Of Summer, Search For Atlantis & Game Plan.

Guest stars for this season included Macdonald Carey, Lloyd Nolan, Ana Alicia, June Lockhart & others.

It was worth the wait for this Season of Hardy Boys.Order it today.

Hardy Boys
 Complete Third Season

TVofYourLife.com Gives This DVD A 7.0 On A 10 Scale

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