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Once the 1990's just about all televisions were cable ready & most had remotes. In 1993 a 25 inch remote control TV cost $297 and a 41 inch big screen TV which was the latest thing in TV's in the 1990's cost $1188.

Vcr's cost between $150 & $300 and a 3 pack of blank Vhs tapes cost $5.97.

Some TV Shows from the 1980's were still the top shows in 19990 when the decade began. These shows included Cheers, Cosby Show, Roseanne, Golden Girls and 60 Minutes.

The Fox TV Network was now running shows 5 days a week in Primetime. Fox was airing Married With Children, The Simpsons, & Beverly Hills 90210.

New shows for 1990 included Parker Lewis Can't Loose, Blossom, Fresh Prince Of Bel Air, Law & Order, Evening Shade, China Beach & others.

Up to this point the 1990's was the weakest decade for exciting TV Shows.

In 1991 shows such as Murphy Brown, Full House, Home Improvement, Coach & Murder She Wrote made it into the Top Ten.

New shows included The Commish, P.S. I Luv U, Step By Step, Brooklym Bridge & Nurses.

Not much changed in the TV Ratings for 1992. New shows included Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman, Picket Fences, Melrose Place, Mad About You, In The Heat Of The Night and others.

In 1993 the long running CBS News Sweries 60 Minutes became the number 1 show on TV. Seinfeld, Frasier, Grace Under Fire and Home Improvement also made the top 10.

New shows for 1993 included Lois & Clark, Dave's World, John Larroquette Show, N.Y.P.D. Blue, Boy Meets World and The X-files.

Fox TV is now airing shows 7 nights a week in 1993.

Some shows worth mentioning in 1994 included The Martin Short Show, an updated version of Get Smart, Hearts Afire, Northern Exposure, an updated version of Burke's Law and the 5 Mrs. Buchanans all were welcome additions to TV viewing in 1994.

Seinfeld is the new #1 show on TV in 1994 and newcombers ER & Friends are already in the Top 10.

1995 saw a major change to Daytime Television as the O.J. Simpson Murder Trial aired on all the networks. This killed all the Soap Operas that were running, the trial lasted 10 months and the Soaps finally got back on the ratings dropped substntually and they never rebounded, the ratings are still low today because of the O.J. Simpson trial.

There are now 2 new Networks running shows in Primetime. The WB Network airs shows Sunday and Wednesday and UPN Network is now on Monday & Tuesday.

New shows include 3rd Rock From The Sun, Naked Truth, Boston Common, Single Guy, Caroline In the City and the Bonnie Hunt Show.

In 1996 some new shows to make the Top are Touched By An Angel, Suddenly Susan. Naked Truth, Fired Up, & Single Guy. ER & Seinfeld are the two top shows.

In 1997 shows such as Everybody Loves Raymond, Mad About You, Just Shoot Me, Dharma & Greg, Union Square, Veronica's Closet are starting to make their way to the Top 10.

In 1998 these shows debuted that would be popular for the next few years, they include That 70's Show, Becker, Will & Grace, King Of Queens, & Charmed.

ER, Friends & Frasier are the Top Shows for 1998.

In 1999 the big new hit show was Who Wants To Be A Millionaire. Hosted by Regis Philbin these Primetime Game Show shot into the Top 10 overnight.

The show was so popular it aired 3 nights a week, it occupied the Top 3 positions in the ratings, the show still airs in some markets today with a different host in syndication.

Other shows to mention for the 1999 season included 7th Heaven, Spin City, Judging Amy, Dawsons Crrek & Early Addition.

In 1999 the WB Network is now running shows in primetime 6 days a week and UPN is now on Monday - Friday with primetime shows.




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