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As the 2000's arrived Cable TV Channels were soaring, there must be over 150 Channels at this point.

Technology is moving fast as well as DVD's enter the market and the use of Vcr's are starting to drop.

By the early 2000's Vcr's are being replaced by DVD Recorders.

In the year 2000 Who wants To Be A Millionaire is still airing 3 times a week and all 3 shows hit the Top 10.

Drama Series such as The Practice, ER, ^ & Law and Order are all in the Top 10. Sitcoms Friends & Everybody Loves Raymond had Top 10 showings as well.

The top show of the year is Survivor: The Australian Outback, Reality Series are now here to stay.

New series for the year 2000 include Gilmore Girls, Grounded For Life, Bette, The District & others.

The 9/11 attacks on the United States caused the 2001 Fall Tv Season to be delayed. The television season didn't actually begin until Novemember of 2001.

Friends is the top show for 2001, CSI Crime Scene Investigation is No. 2 with Will & Grace making the Top 10 along with The West Wing.

Survivor Africa makes the Top 10 at No. 4.

New Series for 2001 include Maybe It's Me, The Ellen ShowAccording To Jim, The Amazing Race and others.

Reality Shows are all over TV and dominating the ratings. America Idol is new big hit airing twice a week. Survivor Thailand & Joe Millionaire are both in the top 5 shows for the year.

CSI Crime scene Investigation is the top show of the year.

New Series for 2002 include American Dreams, 8 Simple Rules, Life With Bonnie, The Bachelorette, Without A Trace and more.

Amercan Idol tops the rating in 2003 as Reality TV continues to be strong. Survivor Pearl Islands, The Apprentice & The Bachelor were real popular.

New to the Top 10 for 2003 was CSI Miami.

New series for 2003 include Two & A Half Men, I'm With Her, Navy NCISHope & Faith and others.

Some new series hit the Top 10 in 20004 with Desperate Housewives, grey's Anatomy and Without A Trace.

American Idol continues to be the hottest thing on TV.

New series for 2004 include Wife Swap, Jake In Progress, Boston Legal, Lost & others.

In 2005 Dancing With The Stars is the surprise hit of the year. The only new how to hit the Top 10 is House.

New series include How I Met Your Mother, New Adventures Of Old Christine, Bones, Criminal Minds, My Name Is Earl and others.

Not much changed from 2005 to 20006 as all the shows are ranked pretty close to the previous year. American Idol and Dancing With The Stars are the 2 shows people talked about the most.

New Series include Brothers & Sisters, Friday Night Lights, Ugly Betty, Til Death and more.

For 2007 things are status quo, new shows include Big Bang Theory, Samantha Who, Gossip Girl, Pushing Daisies and others.

In 2008 its still Dancing With The Stars and American Idol as the Top Shows. Others in the Top 10 include Two & A Half Men, The Mentalist, NCIS, Desperate Housewives and CSI.

New Shows include Worst Week, Life On Mars, Doll House and Knight Rider.

In 2009 the Jay Leno Show moved to 10pm on Nbc and was one of the biggest flops ever.

Under cover Boss and NCIS Los Angeles are now both in the Top 10.

Lots of new shows that are still on today include Modern Family, Glee, Good Wife, Parenthood, The Middle, & Rookie Blue.




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