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 Honey West
September 17, 1965 - April 8, 1966


Honey West was the first female private eye on television.

Prior to this show no female played a starring role such as this, some were housewives or girlfriends but no female was an independent professional.

Honey West was a spin-off from the Tv Show Burke's Law in which Honey West appeared in the episode Who Killed The Jackpot?

The show lasted for a full season in the fall of 1965.

Honey West had a partner named Sam but there was no romance between the two.

In many episodes you'll see Honey West in physical combat showing her skill in judo & karate.

By today's standards the electronic gadgets used are real primitive but in 1965 many of these things were quite modern.

Honey West The Complete Series in now on DVD from VCI Entertainment.  You can order it today and get a great price on it by clicking the box art above.  This DVD collection is superb, all 30 episodes are included on a 4 DVD set and it comes complete with episode titles and air dates, a photo gallery & original network commermcials.


Cast Favorite Episodes Guest Stars

Anne Francis
John Ericson
Irene Hervey
Ken Lynch
Marvin Brody
Bill Quinn


1.   Don't Look Now But Isn't That Me
2.   Gray Lady
3.   Live A Little Kill A Little
4.   A Nice Little Till To Tap
5.   Little Green Robin Hood
6.   Abominable Snowman
7.   In The Bag
8.   A Matter Of Wife & Death
9.   Slay Gypsy Slay
10. A Stitch In Crime

Herschel Bernardi
Lloyd Bochner
Edd Byrnes
Dick Clark
Anthony Eisley
Henry Jones
Maureen McCormick
Howard McNear
Wayne Rogers
Bobby Sherman

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Honey West Episode Guide


Swinging Mrs. Jones

There's a blackmailing ring preying on wealthy women so Honey West poses as a high society matron.  After getting hit on the head and losing her clients money Honey West is out to get the blackmailers.
Guest Stars: Louise Arthur, Winnie Collins, Ray Danton & David Armstrong


The Owl & The Eye

An insurance company representing an art museum hires Honey West to test their security system.  After Honey & Sam show how easy it is to steal a Jade Carving & bypass the art museum security system, a new elaborate security system is installed but it doesn't keep the thieves away.
Guest Stars:  Herschel Bernardi, Lloyd Bochner, John McLiam & William Bramley


Abominable Snowman

Honey West is given a dying salesman's sample case which contains a snow globe.  Honey doesn't realize its importance as people try to steal it and Honey West is in danger.
Guest Stars:  Henry Jones, Leon Askin, Barry Kelley & Henry Hunter


A Matter Of Wife & Death

A female executive hires Honey West to protect her from anonymous death treats.  While on a ship the killer tries to sink both Honey West & the female executive.
Guest Stars:  Dianne Foster, James Best, Henry Beckman & Michael Fox


Live A Little Kill A Little

When girlfriend of a former mob leader breaks up the relationship, her brother contacts Honey West for help save his sister from an assassin.
Guest Stars: Harry Milliard, Herb Edelman, Warren Stevens & Mary Murphy


Whatever Lola Wants

Honey West attends a charity ball with Ramon Vargas who has hired Honey West to find out where an embezzler has stashed some money, what Honey West doesn't realize is that Ramon is a murderer.
Guest Stars:  Jerry Brutsche, Johnny Haymer, Richard Angarola & Audrey Christie


The Princess & The Paupers

Bobby Sherman plays a rock & roll star who has been kidnapped, Honey West & Sam are hired to deliver the ransom money but they suspect its a publicity stunt.
Guest Stars:  Bobby Sherman, Richard Crane, Stanley Adams & Michael J Pollard


In The Bag

A very young Maureen McCormick plays a bratty child in this episode where Honey West has to escort her to an airport to meet her parents who are now divorced.  The girl gets lost in the crowded airport and Honey West fears she has been abducted.
Guest Stars:  Everett Sloane, Maureen McCormick, Len Lesser &  James Donahue


The Flame & The Pussycat

While trying to lure a big contract with a large warehouse Honey West & Sam are on the trail of arsonist but they interfere with the police investigation.
Guest Stars:  Liam Sullivan, Harry Basch & Sean McClory


A Neat Little Package

A car accident victim with amnesia has $175,000 and has no idea where it came from, its up to Honey West to solve the mystery.
Guest Stars:  J. Pat O'Malley, Val Avery, Sydney Smith & Arthur Batanides


A Stitch In Crime

A dress designer hires Honey West & Sam to deliver $100,000 in fashions for a big show.  After the truck gets hijacked its up to Honey west to recover the merchandise or the designer will go out of business.
Guest Stars:  Marjorie Bennett, Nino Candido, David Pritchard & Herbie Faye


A Million Bucks In Anybody's Language

A private investigator is found dead after an explosion and Honey West attempts to break a counterfeiting ring.
Guest Stars:  Percy Helton, Sarah Selby, Judy Kane & Frank Scannell



Gray Lady

Caesar Danova plays a jewel thief who pulls off a robbery of a valuable gem while a popular actress is being interviewed on TV after her movie premier.
Guest Stars:  Bert Parks, Caesar Danova, Nancy Kovack, Kevin Mc Carthy  & Pat Collins


Invitation To Limbo

There's a security leak at an industrial company and its up to Honey West & Sam to find it.  They catch the guy but now they are trying to round up everyone involved.
Guest Stars:  Wayne Rogers, Peter Leeds, Lonnie Forte, Dan Frazier & Stacey Harris


Rockabye The Hard Way

Honey West & Sam head south of the border to help a truck driver who was carrying secret weapons was drugged  and spies took pictures of his load.  The truck drivers company feel he's a security risk and its up to Honey West to prove he is not.
Guest Stars:  Joe Don Baker, Ivan Triesault, Pepe Callahan & Paul Sorenson


A Nice Little Till To Tap

Honey West takes a job undercover as a bank teller to try to figure out how thieves are not tripping the alarm system.  What Honey doesn't know is that  her new boyfriend is actually behind it.
Guest Stars:  Anthony Eisley, Peter Leeds, Howard McNear & William Benedict


How Brillig O Beamish Boy

Sam gets kidnapped and Honey West has to decide if its the million dollars she has to deliver or Sam.
Guest Stars:  John McGiver, Charles Horvath, Leon Lontoc & Norman Alden


King Of The Mountain

A billionaire with a strange ailment turns up missing and Honey West goes undercover as a nurse to find him.
Guest Stars:  Richard Kiel, Troy Melton & Allyson Ames


It's Earlier Than You Think

Honey West investigates a dying man's message that involves a time machine.
Guest Stars:  Bill Catching, Leonid Kinskey, James Griffith & Bill McLean


The Perfect Un-Crime

An embezzler played by Byron Foulger has a change of heart and wants Honey West to return the money he stole from the bank.
Guest Stars:  Byron Foulger, James Secrest, Bob Stephenson & John Harmon


Like Visions & Omens & All That Jazz

A crooked clairvoyant who relies on blackmail has an heiress as his next target, its up to Honey West to save her.
Guest Stars:  Mimsey Farmer, Norman Alden & June Tilson


Don't Look Now But Isn't That Me

It's like the Patty Duke Show on this episode of Honey West as Honey takes on some thieves, one of who looks just like Honey West.
Guest Stars:  Monica Keating, Charles Horvath, Louis Quinn & Alan Reed


Come To Me My Litigation Baby

A popular cowboy claims he is paralyzed and the insurance company doesn't believe it, its up to Honey West to prove he is faking it.
Guest Stars:  James Brown, Ellen Corby & Michael Fox


Slay Gypsy Slay

Honey West & Sam head to a gypsy camp to investigate a kidnapping.
Guest Stars:  Jack Perkins, Byron Morrow, Arline Anderson & Ralph Manza


The Fun Fun Killer

Honey West & Sam investigate the murder of a toy company and they have 3 suspects.
Guest Stars:  John Hoyt, William Keene, Marvin Kaplan & Woodrow Parfrey


Pop Goes The Easel

A famous artist is causing Honey West and Sam a ton of problems and it all starts with the theft of a can of soup.
Guest Stars:  George Furth, Robert Strauss, Larry D Mann & Anthony Eustrel


Little Green Robin Hood

Edd Byrnes plays a modern day Robin Hood as commits numerous burglaries in a rich part of town.
Guest Stars:  Edd Byrnes, Peter Leeds, Severn Darden, Eleanor Audley & Allen Jenkins


Just The Bear Facts Ma'am

A stuntwoman is killed and its up to Honey West to find out if it was an accident or murder.
Frank Wilcox, Richard Carlyle, Mousie Garner & Don Gazzaniga


There's A Long Long Fuse A Burning

A recently released convict is being framed by someone stealing his style, its up to Honey West to clear him.
Guest Stars:  Leonard Bremen, dick Clark, David Fresco & John Holland


An Eerie Airy Thing

In the final episode of the series even Honey West can't solve this situation when a distraught man threatens to jump out of a window unless his wife shows up, only problem is he is wife is dead.
Guest Stars:  Adam Williams, Lisa Seagram, Lou Krugman & Jan Arvan



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